Why do people think that their vote doesn't count?

I read this and it seems true.

Like all elections, the campaigns of Barack Obama and
John McCain help the capitalists disguise the class
nature of their dictatorship. The illusion is that voters,
mainly workers, get to choose the nation's leaders. In
reality, a ruling class -- led by powerful financiers --
selects, bankrolls and directs each of the candidates.
The sector of U.S. finance capital that has the greatest
interest in broadening the U.S. war machine's field of
operation or the dominant faction of U.S. imperialists
(the Eastern Establishment capitalists) is determined to
control the policy of whoever wins in November 2008.
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the
Brookings Institution are the two most important
foreign policy think tanks of these capitalists. They
"are undertaking an ambitious initiative to develop a
nonpartisan blueprint for the next U.S. president, one
which can be used as the foundation for the new
administration's Middle-East policy.” (CFR website)
Key advisor for Obama is Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Brzezinski has served as director of the elite, Eastern
Establishment backed CFR. He helped President
Jimmy Carter frame his infamous 1979 Carter
Doctrine, which vowed permanent occupation of Mid-
East oilfields. McCain now has CFR member Max
Boot in his corner pushing for a U.S. Foreign Legion.
Boot joins McCain advisors Henry Kissinger and Brent
Scowcroft (CFR member and Bush, Sr.'s National
Security Advisor). It is these think-tank policy-makers,
bankers and heads of the largest corporations who form
the ruling class that runs the country, no matter who
sits in the White House.
Today, the economic crises of capitalism in the U.S.
and the world are only sharpening the conflict with
imperialist rivals. Now, more than ever the U.S. ruling
class needs workers and professionals to sacrifice for
the needs of U.S. imperialism. They need a capitalist
leader who can inspire the masses to support U.S.
imperialist ambitions throughout the world. This leader
faces a tough challenge. In today’s multi-polar world,
US imperialism faces a resurgent and aggressive
Russia, a rapidly growing economic and military
power in China and a consolidating European Union.
In order to protect the U.S. superpower status and
empire against challenges from imperialist rivals,
particularly China and Russia, the U.S. ruling class
needs to dominate the oil-rich Middle East and Central
Asia, politically and militarily. Campaign 2008 boils
down to which candidate can most effectively mobilize
the nation behind the U.S. imperialists and their war
and fascism. McCain believes in more troops in Iraq
and keeping them longer, while Obama believes in
pulling some troops out sooner in order to redeploy
them to other key areas of Mideast. Both believe in
occupying Iraq and preparing for war with Iran. Both
agree on the absolute importance of the strategic goal
of securing oil for U.S. imperialism by controlling the
Middle East and Central Asia. They disagree only over
the tactics to use, not the ultimate goal!
Obama offers national service and pushes patriotism
along with McCain as a means to win workers and
professionals to support expanding the U.S. military
and US foreign policy including wars. During a rally
on July 3, 2008, Obama said, “the quiet” following
Friday’s Independence Day celebrations would be a
good time to consider how to contribute “to our most
pressing national challenges,” whether in “the military,
overseas or just next door.” National service is a key
platform of Obama’s campaign, which is an important
step towards winning people to support expanding the
US military, and finally bringing back the draft.
Obama, like McCain, understands that the US will
need more troops in the future to face threats to its
superpower status.
As popular interest in the elections heightens, it is
crucial to expose the candidates' ruling-class
allegiances. They all defend a racist profit system that
systematically and brutally exploits workers, often
through war, and is long overdue for extinction. But
the working class cannot just vote away its tormentors.
Capitalism's destruction can only be achieved through
the long-term, painstaking process of building of a
revolutionary communist movement that will
ultimately end the rule of profit and put the working
class in power. Join us!

Workers, Soldiers, and Students of the World Unite Against Fascism
and Imperialist War! Don’t Vote! Join PLP and Fight Back!
Progressive Labor Party is a revolutionary communist party dedicated to eliminating capitalism with
communist revolution as the only way to end imperialism, fascism, racism, sexism, and class inequality.
For more information call 781-322-7315 or see www.plp.org.

i think people think that their vote doesn't count because of what is happening in their own country
like here in the Philippnes, some of the elections here has accuses of dishonesty (such as "dagdag-bawas" vote buying and many more).
When these issues arises, people starts to feel that ther vote doesn't count
beacause people are not bilive his any other person
sorry i cant read so much info but i voted for obama and my vote sure counted because virginia was a swing state

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