Alex Jones Tv {Sunday Edition} 2/8: The End of America Under Obama & Mr. Cass Sunstein’s Watch!!

The controversy surrounding White House information czar and Harvard Professor Cass Sunsteins blueprint for the government to infiltrate political activist groups has deepened, with the revelation that in the same 2008 dossier he also called for the government to tax or even ban outright political opinions of which it disapproved. An Obama executive order that creates a council of state governors who will work with the feds to expand military involvement in domestic security has stoked fears that the administration is stepping up preparations for martial law..
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25 Responses to Alex Jones Tv {Sunday Edition} 2/8: The End of America Under Obama & Mr. Cass Sunstein’s Watch!!

  1. OceanderTethyseus says:

    Alex, you are the greatest!!

  2. TheLobopelon says:

    Warner Defense Appropriations Act of 2007.. article this, section that. I remember this! Facts matter, so I appologize for the lack hereof.

  3. dinglenutzz says:

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  4. isssssssce says:

    The Controllers will not stop until we become their vision of subservient animals, wielding to every one of their absolutely detestable inclinations! Why is the devil still ruling the Earth?!!! When will his rain end?!! When will the passion, and power of humanity overcome him?

  5. slappingbelly says:

    The problem is this is the mind of the average person. They trust the media. This is a 2minute long discussion. Listen to what happens at the end of it. Hear it at Myspace.

    myspace.  com /pleasegivemetruth

  6. slappingbelly says:

    The problem is this is the mind of the average person. They trust the media. This is a 2minute long discussion. Listen to what happens at the end of it. Hear it at Myspace.

    myspace. com /pleasegivemetruth

  7. jeshuamylord says:

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  9. nirbmtrREEEPR says:

    Some people, you know what i mean? It must suck for some people who know the party’s over. They start ranting and attacking people with dis-info. Well it’s too late. Your side shouldn’t have left such a blatent paper trail. Anyway, good job AJ.

  10. ParkPlace5677 says:

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  11. ParkPlace5677 says:

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  12. ParkPlace5677 says:

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  17. ParkPlace5677 says:

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  18. ParkPlace5677 says:

    Why should I have to pay to have repulsive, sick and morally repugnant priogramming pumped into my house? I don’t want Alex “Jim” Jones on my TV period. I want to be able to cancel any channel that shows him. But I cant. Thats why the tea baggers are the enemy of the people. You want to indoctrinate us with your cult mentality so we are all brain dead like you. You are the problem here. You caused this mess. The tea baggers are our enemies.

  19. ParkPlace5677 says:

    So why dont you put your money where your mouth is and demand that cable TV be provided a la carte. Then MY cable bill wouldn’t be supporting your trash like Fox news and the full of shit religious channel. You scumbags could do some good, but you wonty. You stand for nothing. You turds cant finish anything you started. Thats why you can write your plan to fix America on the palm of your hand. You are so morally bankrupt you cant remember “Lift spirits.” You are tragic.

  20. fatrick234 says:

    and nobody is speaking up, just criticizing

  21. fatrick234 says:

    @ParkPlace5677 but wait, the same people that privately run your broadcasting stations are the same people enslaving you and ruining your dollar. America pours so much money into entertainment so your occupied do you get this? Every major American patriot has said the country is FUCKED if the banks get in control. I am not even American, but im 100% scared for the fate of all Americans if they dont start getting angry about this stuff, its absolute madness right infront of your eyes

  22. fatrick234 says:

    @ParkPlace5677 Considering the state of America’s economy, I’m puzzled at how you think money still grows on trees… He hosts various websites and a radio show, do you think thats a solid living for his family/ leaves him the extra money to make documentary after documentary explaining to idiots like yourself that your being lied to. Its like Americans think everything is regulated, and the gov’t would never cheat them because somebody would have to notice and report it

  23. HeyItzMeDawg says:

    I like the comments on your page.

    “I can’t tell from your pic if you’re a pre or post op transvestite.”

    A picture’s worth a thousand words…

  24. ParkPlace5677 says:

    @jasonfulton at least I don’t foster the misery and suffering of my fellow countrymen. You bring more shame on this country than any turn coat traitor ever could. Julious and Ethyl Rosenberg were finer people than you. You are a disgrace.

  25. ParkPlace5677 says:

    @fatrick234 How about “Jim” Jones and his pathetic sidekick Jackmeoff makes a movie that contributes to American society instead of tearing it down. Oh yeah, right. They might not profit as much doing that. Some patriots they are.