Play House Chicken Coop Interior

A more in depth video of the interior part of the playhouse chicken coop.

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11 Responses to Play House Chicken Coop Interior

  1. isthmushandyman says:

    @jojebo 3-5 birds

  2. jojebo says:

    How many chickens can this coop hold?

  3. fowlerburton223464 says:

    The farmville game may be very hard if you really don’t realize how to play properly. If you want to know how each of the top level players get it done, go read the guide over at freshfarmvilleguideXcom (replace X with . )

  4. MrLuke6593 says:

    hi as i said on the other vid very nice mate top job best quality/design i have seen before brilliant thankyou

  5. zudikas16 says:


  6. peacelovechocolate says:

    I just ordered the plans. I’m not that skilled at this stuff, but I’ll work it out as I go. This design really draws me. Simple, lots of room, and really charming for us “urban farmers” LOL.

  7. bigrod29 says:

    I purchased these plans and my chickens love it so much they have their friends over every night and party to the small hours of the morning, thus keeping me awake.And due to hangovers they arn’t producing any eggs..this coop is too good for a chicken. I mite get rid of the chickens and move my kids into it.

  8. laurajane82 says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. tarazod says:

    Excellent design!

  10. batmom2 says:

    We purchased the plans for this coop and found it easy to build. Our chickens love it and we think it keeps our chickens safe and is easy to access and clean. This video helped us understand the interior. Thanks!!!

  11. CORNSiLK says:

    Clever idea!