The Sims 3 – Suburban Living

It's time for your sims to move out of the big city to the suburbs. This house is great for a growing family. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** - Suggest a House: You can download this house from the Sims 3 Exchange for free right now, and you can view all the pictures of the house on The Curtis Paradis Show Website. - Download: - Exclusive Pictures: Don't forget to check out The Curtis Paradis Show Website for all the information you could want pertaining to the Show. See the newest videos, suggest houses, and watch Curtis Live during selected time on The Curtis Paradis Show LIVE. Watch more of Curtis' videos like his Sims 3 House videos, or Stay up to date with the Sims 3 via the Sims 3 Update. If you are a big Apple fan you can check out the iBlog where it's all Apple all the time. Don't forget if you have a question you want to ask Curtis why as a Q&A Day question. - Sims 3 Houses - The Sims 3 Update - iBlog - Q&A Day You can connect with Curtis via Facebook, Twitter, and Dailybooth. - Facebook Page - Twitter - Dailybooth Remember to Subscribe, Thumb Up, and post a comment.
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25 Responses to The Sims 3 – Suburban Living

  1. mrwallace205 says:

    so the pc version doesn’t have the fire code?

  2. ddtbird156 says:

    Build The Starfish Island Mansion from GTA Vice City

  3. cooleymovies says:

    could u put these on a mod site?

  4. Mrvideomaker721 says:

    Can u curve pools on Xbox

  5. RoseyLovesBritney1 says:

    You are so awesome. I love you !

  6. Babyprincess0897 says:

    i really dont like the wallpaint you used in the master bedroom… but whatev :/

  7. unicornsduckspandas says:

    i like how you say garage! :D

  8. jasonbythejones says:

    why wont you try a arcitecture programm?

  9. clazer89 says:

    wow ur amazing at making houses xxx

  10. Floperinis14 says:

    grow up dude…

  11. Merrymolly23 says:

    I Gonna Get Late Night With My Own Money Soon!

  12. Merrymolly23 says:

    I Finnaly Have The Sims 3!!!

  13. FlipUltraHD says:

    He should make Makarov’s safe house in MW2.

  14. LyleVonBlondeTV says:

    where do you get your custom content?

  15. 12abeykurian says:

    you should make an olympic sized pool

  16. jaye1950 says:

    u need to give tips

  17. SeaLife65 says:

    Omg That house was amazing! I loved all the styles you used!!!

  18. LittleOne0995 says:

    I would love if he built one of the houses from Wisteria lane (Desperate Housewives), seriously wish he would do houses from tv shows

  19. ClassicTubeTV says:

    Build CJ’s house from GTA San Andreas.

  20. jennygoddaughter says:


  21. simsjer says:

    I like the kitchen

  22. EzioAuditore221 says:

    Ur houses are freckin amazing.

  23. MrComputerOnFire says:

    how long have you been playing the sims pls respond

  24. MrComputerOnFire says:

    how long have u been playing sims

  25. sofie11194 says:

    @seamus33333 I know! But he did do the ‘Simpsons’ house, and that’s a T.V show…!