Tips On How To Build A Chicken Coop

Tips On How To Build A Chicken Coop

Article by Bill Wess

There are a number of factors to take into account when he or she wants to build chicken coops. Building a chicken coop is recommended for people who wish to house chickens with the intent of providing eggs and meat for their families as well as fertilizer for their gardens. Complicated plans and / or expensive materials are not required to build a chicken coop, but a person must be sure to get the job done right. As long as the chickens have their basic needs met, they will be healthy and happy. There is points that each person that builds a house for poultry should be considered. These include: having a basic design/implementation plan for the coop;having the correct materials and maintenance for the coop's construction;ensuring that the coop is protected from environmental constraints;making sure that the coop has proper ventilation and lighting;and thinking about water and food for the chickens who will be housed in the coop.

Each of these topics in more detail below.

To begin, a basic design/implementation plan is needed to construct the coop. A person who has never built a coop should decide on some existing models of coops, which have already been built in the past. An individual does not have to be an expert carpenter to put together the coop, but he or she needs to make sure that the coop is put together properly. Once a person gets the ideas on how the coop should be so placed and trained, they have a rough drawing of how the Coop would be set on their property.

The area around the coop needs to be on high ground to ensure that it is not flooded in the event of inclement weather. Collection of the waste materials and maintenance is also a must for building a chicken coop. Materials that are simple to sanitize and clean should be used to construct the coop, as the parts of the coop will need to regularly be sanitized and disinfected. Materials must be clean and not expensive. Furthermore, the coop should have sliding windows to prevent the chickens inside of it from roosting on the windows, and the floor should be sloped in the direction of the door to ensure easy cleaning, as well as to make it easier for rainwater to flow out of the coop. Make sure that the Coop is protected from environmental factors i.e. strong winds, driving rains, snow etc. This also means that the chickens inside of the coop need to be offered protection from bad weather, predators, and people looking to steal them. To these elements, the coop has to be placed in a well drained area. It also must absolutely have exposure to the sun to ensure a warm and dry environment for the chickens, and strong mesh wire needs to be placed around it to keep predators such as cats and foxes out. Proper ventilation and lighting is also a must when building a chicken coop.

Chickens need a fresh supply of air to keep carbon dioxide and moisture from building up in the coop.The walls of the cage should be insulated in winter. The coop also needs to be lit up well in order to keep the coop warm; this in fact aids the chickens in the coop in laying more eggs throughout the year.

Last but not least, the coop has to have sufficient water and food supplies, which are easily accessible for chicken in it. Feeders should be placed above the ground to prevent chickens from making a mess. Feed dispensers consistently deliver fresh food and water for the chickens.

In conclusion, people who wish to supply their families with a constant supply of meat and eggs as well as having garden fertilizer may very well be interested in learning how to build chicken coops. This is not hard to do, and include the phases of a basic design / implementation plan for the coop to ensure the right material for the construction and maintenance of the Coop in order that the building is protected from environmental constraints to ensure that Coop has good ventilation and lighting, and think of food and water for the chickens to be housed in the Coop.

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