How to layout and Build trusses for your gambrel barn or shed free plans

How to layout and Build trusses for your gambrel barn or shed free plans. This is how to do it easily without needed advanced trigonometry skills or advanced mathmatics. If you can measure, trace, and divide by two. briansmobile1 You can do this layout.

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25 Responses to How to layout and Build trusses for your gambrel barn or shed free plans

  1. rtzapper says:

    Thanks brian you can do it all

  2. briansmobile1 says:

    @CountGlochula You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

  3. CountGlochula says:

    AMAZING tutorial! me and my wife thank you very much.

  4. briansmobile1 says:

    @nathanwhughes You’re welcome! I’m excited for you!

  5. nathanwhughes says:

    Thank you I have looked all over, bought books and nothing explains this style of roof better than your video. I’m not afraid of tackling my 12×16 shed now.

  6. briansmobile1 says:

    @layintrax She say’s “you’re welcome” ; )

  7. layintrax says:

    Music was nice touch… appreciate the wife helping out allowing you to free up your hands. Great stuff!

  8. briansmobile1 says:

    @chubsmagee1 Your life must be horrible through your eyes.

  9. chubsmagee1 says:

    The information that I understood was helpful but cameraman was horrible. Also the guy needs some type of microphone on his shirt collar or something, I could barely hear him.

  10. briansmobile1 says:

    @walterbrunswick Thanks. That’s Cascade Mnt. It’s the mountain in the background of the old movie Savanah Smiles near the end.

  11. walterbrunswick says:

    also, amazing shot of the mountains at 09:17! wow, breathtaking view you got there!

  12. walterbrunswick says:

    lol the music makes it seem like I’m watching the home network or something. well explained though. we learned that hip roofs are much stronger than gable or gambrel roofs.

  13. briansmobile1 says:

    @seocom You’re welcome!  ; )

  14. seocom says:

    Very helpful.. thx.

  15. briansmobile1 says:

    @Nathan72206 You’re welcome.

  16. Nathan72206 says:

    Ok thanks for all your help!!

  17. briansmobile1 says:

    @Nathan72206 Including the cupola? It’s about 18′

  18. Nathan72206 says:

    So how tall was your shed?

  19. briansmobile1 says:

    @Nathan72206 Your total height = your wall height + circle radius that you use to design your truss’ with.

  20. Nathan72206 says:

    I was wondering how tall your shed was? Im guessing 12ft tall your explanation on how to do it was really good I was worried it was going to be hard seems to like it will be easy thanks for the help I was look at a shed that had total hight of 10′ 8″ how did they do that I you could help that would be great!!

  21. briansmobile1 says:

    @forgotmylogininfo Well thank you! And you’re welcome.

  22. forgotmylogininfo says:

    I wish I was able to explain things as well as you. thanks for sharing your videos with us.

  23. briansmobile1 says:

    @jessdryer8 Sure. It’s your barn do it however you want.

  24. jessdryer8 says:

    what about an overhang

  25. fbakersj says:

    Joint A: 31*
    joint b: 22*
    joint c: 22*
    joint d: 15* = 90*
    joint e: 15*
    joint f: 22*
    joint g: 22*
    joint h: 31*
    = 180*