The Sims 3: Craftsman House

This is a great house for any family. It's cozy and warm with the craftsman styling of dark wood. Another great thing about this house is that it only requires the Sims 3 base game to download. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** - Suggest a House: You can download this house from the Sims 3 Exchange for free right now, and you can view all the pictures of the house on The Curtis Paradis Show Website. - Download: - Exclusive Pictures: Don't forget to check out The Curtis Paradis Show Website for all the information you could want pertaining to the Show. See the newest videos, suggest houses, and watch Curtis Live during selected time on The Curtis Paradis Show LIVE. Watch more of Curtis' videos like his Sims 3 House videos, or Stay up to date with the Sims 3 via the Sims 3 Update. If you are a big Apple fan you can check out the iBlog where it's all Apple all the time. Don't forget if you have a question you want to ask Curtis why as a Q&A Day question. - Sims 3 Houses - The Sims 3 Update - iBlog - Q&A Day You can connect with Curtis via Facebook, Twitter, and Dailybooth. - Facebook Page - Twitter - Dailybooth Remember to Subscribe, Thumb Up, and post a comment.

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25 Responses to The Sims 3: Craftsman House

  1. MrBeaubear says:

    @MsAnimalAwesomeness lcick and press delete

  2. BLUE992107 says:

    Build The Modern Family House

  3. lolamoretti14 says:

    @ariellasflikka foundation

  4. oogalypoogalyman says:

    @MsAnimalAwesomeness hold ctrl

  5. TheCoquiking says:

    lol you say the word “Garage” funny lol, AWESOME HOUSES btw

  6. cutierenesmeegirl says:

    i dont think the mirrors in the master bathroom are in the original sims 3

  7. IAmEmilylouise says:

    Isn’t this the wrong video for this house?

  8. MsAnimalAwesomeness says:

    How do u delete walls without using the sledgehammer?

  9. MsAnimalAwesomeness says:

    How do you delete walls without using the sledgehammer?

  10. MermaidHairbabee says:

    was you phone going 

  11. laurenknight999 says:

    @PtdInc1933 I SEE DA BIRD :D

  12. ariellasflikka says:

    @0:21 spelling plz?

  13. RosieLips412 says:

    so. many. bathrooms….. AWESOME VID BTW

  14. chancepurcell69 says:

    you should be an architect

  15. fantageoreo8370 says:

    (amazed face)

  16. fantageoreo8370 says:

    do you wing these things? or do u know what your doin? cuz if u do know what your doin then all i got to say is… damn u go dude!

  17. maddieline4566 says:

    You mean 2011 right?

  18. keeleybm says:

    @vanderwaysara5 Yay, thanks for say that i have always wanted more of this just base game videos!

  19. SoUrLookinHuh says:

    I saw a wall light used in this video that isn’t available until you get nightlife…

  20. Mrnokiarokia says:

    Crapsman house? (House is awesome BTW)

  21. PtdInc1933 says:

    1:55 BIRD!

  22. 2chomp says:

    I downloaded this house it’s awsome

  23. 59AJ59 says:

    @boomz32145 Something similar happened to me. i built a house that took hours to make and decorate. I moved a family in and within minutes the dinning room set alight and the room completely destroyed. The firemen took forever getting here. just after they left another fire broke out in same room! now my my family is motherless… and my cat was traumatized for a while after.

  24. KennyBooLuvsYou says:

    PLease help me! Im new to this sims 3 game, and i need to know how to download a cool house you see on here…to the actual game! Help?

  25. midnightsun067 says:

    I only have the base game so im really happy right now :D