Homemade Haunted House and Tips

This is our homemade haunted house. You can use this video for tips and ideas.
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14 Responses to Homemade Haunted House and Tips

  1. hello147ify says:

    Nice job any other tips u can give me

  2. yabuddy2012 says:

    great work man!! haters gonna hate.

  3. jeremyboles28 says:

    I know you don’t have to be rich to make a good haunted house. Just ask everyone who went to my haunted maze or the other commenters in this video.
    I’m not going to listen to some troll who complains that my hallways are too “wide.” If you watched the boring part of my video you would have known that there were lots of changes made to it after this. Constructive criticism is one thing, but what your doing is just all out negative. Your name says it all “Imtheshityournot”

  4. cake544 says:

    Nice job dude. I wish i could’ve seen it at night and everything. Also, seeing as how i’m sitting right next to you, i’m gonna shoot you with the revolver. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED

  5. jeremyboles28 says:


    wow. I’m so sorry I’m not a rich superior intellect like you. I’d really like to see your perfect haunted house, that way I could be one step closer to being a fraction of your greatness. After all nothing says, “I’m awesome,” like posting on everyone’s videos and telling them about how crappy it is. So yes, my relatively inexpensive haunted house, that was the talk of the town, and scared just a… couple hundreds of people, is crap. I guess having fun is overrated.

  6. jeremyboles28 says:

    it was attached and heavily stapled to wooden stakes pushed into the ground… The plastic was not really touching much of the ground and if it was we probably put something heavy on it to keep it there.

  7. aaronryanproductions says:

    howd u get the bottom of the bottom of the tarp to stay on the ground?

  8. JKYLEM1000 says:

    lol I love how the one guy keeps scarying her throughout the entire maze! good job

  9. jeremyboles28 says:


    I definitely would, but now I’m a poor college kid…. haha

  10. 93chadwick says:

    i made one last year for my senior year to :)  it was a haunted garage lol but it was still pretty legit. gonna make another one this year you should to.

  11. 95guardian says:

    “we made alot of people cry and stuff…it was good”lol

  12. DanceClubMassacare0 says:

    Thats so sick for a homemade setup. I would love doing this if my yard was big enough.

  13. xXsuperfley09Xx says:

    Dude I bet it was awesome at nite y’all did a pretty good job

  14. SoulCalibrator says:

    Jeremy… This is amazing…