Building Paradise Place in the Sims 3

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25 Responses to Building Paradise Place in the Sims 3

  1. BonemBoy122 says:

    @SweetAndSmart100 They were talking about if he was an architect why he isnt famous.

  2. SweetAndSmart100 says:

    @MsSkodge You dont get famous for building houses on the sims 3…. no offence

  3. BuBBlicios24 says:

    quick qs: how do i rotate a tile in order to complete a circle for example? [if the tile has in a corner 1/4 of a circle]

  4. TheSimscast says:

    @bethrockk What no it is not!

  5. Digi4tuneAditya says:

    great house but i think its not modern house T.T I love modern houses..

  6. bethrockk says:

    where do you come frome canada

  7. bethrockk says:

    thats my house

  8. zamorakian46 says:

    u r awesome!!

  9. water892 says:

    how do you put the borders around the asphalt

  10. 12345dovewing says:

    Wow how do u do this?!?

  11. TheGreatandLovable says:

    @htaylorswift13 Attempted at least xD

  12. BubblesDegumdrop says:

    your amazing omgggg i love ur house i built the california masion all by myself feel so proud omgg lawll i love this house to gonnna bild this in my next sim family :D

  13. Jorupify says:

    “You can never have enough fireplaces.”
    Oh… I know where you’re going with this, Curtis. #fire #unfortunatedeath

  14. cutierenesmeegirl says:

    curtis how did you make the counters split in half????

  15. marialovechiro says:

    deze zot mooi

  16. htaylorswift13 says:

    31 people rebuilt the house

  17. TheSmileySim says:

    Hey! I’m just starting out with making Sims 3 videos and will be posting soon. If you could check out my channel and subscribe that would be awesome! :)

  18. preciouseloveu says:

    Yay super fun game crash lmafo Curtis your so H.O.T

  19. sarahrov1 says:

    I’m looking for a house for my family in the sims 3, but there is so much choice! I just cant choose, they are all INCREDIBLE!
    (sorry my English is not so good.)

  20. howrselover54 says:


  21. 23QT123 says:

    I miss the Sims 2 :’)

  22. antiflag190 says:

    wish i lived in that house because it looks awsome

  23. OREOHEART1 says:

    helluh nice i love tht place!(:

  24. cbcgrl127 says:

    these videos inspired me to try and go make my own sims 3 house. mine was a one floor square so i decided to not try that again and im just going to download more of these houses when i want a new one. anyone else?

  25. rockyzippers says:

    omg im lovin the bathroom at 4:54 funny thing about it is theres a glass see through door LOL people can see u walkin by the bathroom!! LMFAO