Minecraft XP farm no need of Weapon :) (1.2.4) if you kill 1100 skeleton you will get more in 50 EXP

her i explain how it works (principle) ask me if you have a question and i will try answer if i can :) yes works in 1.1 :) the Video was make in 1.9.3 but we get slower level now in 1.1 --- download world map --- save file vavo.dk the Blaze file in the top, next the Skeleton if you use any of my save files please tell me how it went :) thanks a sketch/blueprint from cxnull vavo.dk Notice that the spawner and place where skellies wind up are separated by 8 blocks, and also notice that the last block before their plummeting has no water on it Version for MP Server skeleton, use bow and arrow vavo.dk in the Description --- Before you build this --- the 2D is only a example to explain how it works :) tips on improving spawn rates, Efficiently the Spawner room need to be big (as you can see in the Video look down) :) best if the room is 2 block over and 2 blocks below the spawner :) and 4 blocks around the spawner :) so the room is 9x9x5 withe the spawner in the middle :) it will give 4-3 mobs per 25sec. = 500 per hour Approximately you can try look here www.youtube.com --- problems and solution look here --- it is the 5 standard error / mistakes :) 1 Be sure you are not in Peaceful mode ;) 2 you Need to be 15 or less block away from the Spawner else they will not spawn :) 3 if you only get 6 and not 20 or more mobs then you need to move the mobs more in 8 blocks away from the spawner :) 4 if some die and some need 2 or more hit to kill the last block Before they drop down ...
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25 Responses to Minecraft XP farm no need of Weapon :) (1.2.4) if you kill 1100 skeleton you will get more in 50 EXP

  1. XtraMarxman says:

    now tutorial :)

  2. FibonacciPrower says:

    How does the water elevator work?

  3. TheZipper1990 says:

    Do u know if he is danish!?? xD

  4. shadesilverwing0 says:

    I just made this :D Works great!

    Getting the skeletons in the 9x9x5 spawn room to go up the water elevator was a little tricky though. And apparently some of them lose health to drowning because when they fall, some of them die.

  5. DruTerbrack24 says:

    considering you are speaking english and english is a stupid hard language you’re speaking pretty good :D

  6. tuka99norway says:

    Good good…..

  7. as1p23 says:

    Yup, that’s Denmark xD

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  9. iBulowHD says:

    Haha:-D Thats definetly not danish at all, im from Denmark myself:-D

  10. Mofoe2001 says:

    Rapist accent :O

  11. CrypticBTR says:

    how long did you wait for the skeletons to acumulate? like to to 1000

  12. ArtQuakedoom95x4 says:

    looks like you’re being attacked by green bees.

  13. ArtQuakedoom95x4 says:

    lars ulrich is danish, right?

  14. Justkrel says:

    Thumbs up if your are danish :D

  15. MegaHazzer123 says:


  16. mazza09100 says:

    oh oh i’ll try it

  17. Ittikornbest says:

    ‘Remember to eat… eat or die

  18. MrMultimul says:


  19. TheZombie7788 says:

    dude your accent is epic

  20. thewizardofodd13 says:

    loved the vid, but Ure accent is better!! :P

  21. TheLojack8 says:

    Here is a very easy way get too many items shift click on bottle of enchanting to get unlimited stack the just hold the right mouse button and spam them

  22. Ardarail says:

    You can do it with a zombie… It’s exactly the same

  23. losaface4 says:


    I only have a Zombie and Spider spawner…

  24. TrippleOBigger says:

    I totally read the entire description bro

  25. assmovo says:

    Yeaaah.. its raining hehhea!