Main Kab Saas Banoongi – Episode 27 – Full Episode

It is Sonia's first Ashtami in the house as a newlywed woman. Saraswati has lavish plans to celebrate Ashtami. Watch more to find out how Sheela and Saraswati celebrate Ashtami this time! The show is an interesting comic tug-of-war between a saas and a bahu, carried over three generations. The story moves from the point of view of a bahu who wants to enjoy her new role as a saas, but her saas doesnt allow her to move away from her role as a bahu.. Suppressed for years, now the bahu wants to give vent to all her stifled aspirations, and wants to do the same which her saas has been doing to her for years.. But the elder saas still sees to it that her bahu doesnt get out of her control.. And so the story moves with the attacks and the counter attacks, all seen in a lighter perspective.. Will the bahu finally be able to fullfill her aspiration of becoming a saas; or she will ever remain a bahu??

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