The Perfect Love Nest: House Plan Design Ideas

The Perfect Love Nest: House Plan Design Ideas

Article by Robert Digby

Psychiatrists have found that couples who can feel relaxed together tend to stay together longer. Choosing the right set of comfortable house plans, in other words, can help your relationship last. Below, we list floor plan features that can to keep your romance alive and well. Certain characteristics in home plans can help keep the original flame of love glowing for happy decades to come.

Embrace a Romantic Home Style

Certain home plans are naturally romantic than others, thanks to a romantic design style.

Mediterranean floor plans have inspired millennia of romance. Mediterranean home plans are native to sunny locales like Italy and Spain. Natural wood floors, balconies with wrought iron balustrades, terra cotta tiles, and adobe walls are typical characteristics of this style.

Tudor may be the most popular style of home plans among those who dream of a fairy-tale love. A charming selection of exterior materials pair with steep roof gables to create the feeling of entering a romance novel when stepping into a home manifested from Tudor-style house plans.

French Country is another trendy romantic style for floor plans. The bright colors and floral patterns of French Country design are enough to make anyone feel twitterpated. This style tends to evoke brick, stone or stucco exteriors, along with romance-inducing balconies.

Aim for Design Equality: Install His and Her Features.

Long-term romance is a dance between intimacy and independence. His and her floor plans can help preserve relationship equality while encouraging togetherness. For instance, if you choose to include his and her sinks in your house plans, you'll spend less time fighting about bathroom time and more time staring dreamily into each others' eyes in the mirror. Each person needs his or her own private space, even when madly in love. Floor plans that feature personal nightstands, sinks, and closets foster relationship parity from the ground up.

Include Elements that will Encourage Romance.

To select home plans that will nourish your partnership, reflect on which activities you enjoy doing together. As an example, if you love taking romantic baths together, it would make sense to include a double Jacuzzi tub in your house plans. Here are a few more design ideas that can really get sparks flying:

Create a Luxurious Kitchen.

Let's face it: eating food is a sensual experience. It's not surprising that many partners relish cooking delicious meals together. If gourmet cooking turns you and your lover on, ensure that you include a well-appointed kitchen in your floor plans.

Just Add a Balcony.

Shakespeare knew that balconies are like architectural matchmakers. They create a space where lovers can chat or just enjoy a beautiful view together in comfortable silence. Add a balcony to your floor plans, if for no other reason to create a romantic location for serenades and Romeo and Juliet reenactments.

Stoke the Romantic Fires: Add a Fireplace.

Watching fires flicker makes most people feel more open and relaxed. Throw in a sumptuous rug and a bottle of champagne and you have instant romance. Add a fireplace to your home plans to create the perfect place for canoodling.

Incorporating these elements in your floor plans to foster romance. After turning your romantic house plans into reality, remember to decorate for romance! Feng shui advises us that candles, fresh flowers, and mirrors are wonderful decorative ingredients for growing love.

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