Sasuraal Genda Phool – 3rd December 2011

Sneha and Atul admonish their kids for breaking the vase in Ishaan's flat. Suhana tutors Atul and Sneha in english for the interview with the school Principal. Ishwar meets Shailaja in the bank to retrieve jewels from the bank locker. He goes through the jewels in Shailaja's bank locker and recounts the stories behind each jewelry. The Kashyap family members speculate on Shailaja and Ishwar's absence at home. Suhana accompanies Sneha and her kids to the school for the interview. Panna waits for Shailaja's phone call. The Kashyap family is stunned to see Shailaja and Ishwar returning home together.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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6 Responses to Sasuraal Genda Phool – 3rd December 2011

  1. RudyDas says:

    we wnt more twist between ishaan suhana and in sasural genda phool

  2. RudyDas says:

    nice esp….ishaan suhana both of you are rock..

  3. NishaPankaj08 says:

    i think ishwar kashyap intension come his second wife and daughter in kashyap family..

  4. gunjanmuzaffarpur says:

    now ishwar kashyap plan comes..But plz star main story of ishaan suhana

  5. gunjanravi says:

    ishwar kashyap is a realy bad guy.He dnt deserve kashyap family..

  6. reenavalsad says:

    today realy nice espisode .Now ishwar kashyap plan comes..