Edison Device – Free Energy – Perpetual Electricity Generator

Visit : www.EdisonSecret.com AndGet Ready To Discover Thomas Edisons Suppressed Gem Of The Energy Industry, That Will Make It Possible To Generate more than 1000 Kwh (Kilowatt-hours) Per Month From Your Household, Using This Secret Invention of Thomas Edison That The Power Companies Never Wanted You To Know About. Edisons Device For Tapping The Force Of The Earth Core From The Ground Is Finally Out On The Open. Even a person with zero technical knowledge can build this. Features that the Edisons Current offers Fairly compact device, requires a small amount of space, can work in every home. Works in all conditions, isnt affected by climate, can work in both hot or cold conditions without any problem. It can eliminate the power bill of an average household by at least 50% when implemented on a small scale, and it can eliminate the power bill completely when implemented on a full scale. The material needed to build it is easily obtainable anywhere in the world. The process has been simplified to the bone, even if youre a novice, you will be able to do this. Contains a free bonus chapter on reducing oil dependency and energy conservation. Runs quietly and its eco-friendly, it doesnt pollute the environment. Doesnt contain any hazardous parts or components, the device is safe, even if you have little children in your household. You Only Need A Few Spare Hours, Some Very Basic Tools, And You Could Eliminate Your Power Bill FOREVER. This is the only device that successfully ...

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3 Responses to Edison Device – Free Energy – Perpetual Electricity Generator

  1. jesteract says:

    If all this was true, then why are we still fiddling with fossil fuels? Why didn’t the petroleum industry buy the patents and lock them away from us so we keep depending on their polluting business?

  2. woulfe42 says:

    And it was Nikloa Telsa that invented this Edison just funded him and then stole his work for himself.

  3. woulfe42 says:

    learn all this for a fee of course