Sachin Tendulkar’s new home Video

This is howTendulkar's home will appear in bandra Mumbai India. Sachin gets the inspiration of this home from crickter Brain lara. This home is DREAMHOME of sachin like Snail home. this house is actually located at Mexico....... n after sometime sachin is the owner of same type of house
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10 Responses to Sachin Tendulkar’s new home Video

  1. TheCrazeedoctor says:

    the song is “”"”"dont be shy”"”"

  2. TheCrazeedoctor says:

    lady gaga

  3. TheCrazeedoctor says:

    i know that this is at mexico but this is how sachin’s house will appear

  4. deepakpatel100 says:

    God’s Home

  5. chaitu0225 says:

    you tube : ‘Nautilus House’ to see the video of this house. Its a house in Mexico and does not belong to Sachin.

  6. lastmanofindia says:

    its called dreams come true on planet earth , every human being should try for such rewards from nature in returns to his services to this nation INDIA
    FOR every body else to sachin
    just do it !
    whatever you are doing
    to get such rewards from nature

  7. poojaraj09 says:

    it so cool

  8. poojaraj09 says:

    it so cool

  9. pravol4 says:

    wat an house yaar

  10. Neerajdab says:

    Awesome! He deserves the best!