Maryaada… Lekin Kab Tak? – 11th January 2012

Shubhankar objects Brahmanand when he behaves as Devyani's husband while cross examining Devyani. Brahmanand questions Devyani the reason for not applying for divorce before even though she has suffered from lot of problems. As a reply Devyani says when Brahmanand's illegal business entered the house she has to raise her voice against him. The court is adjourned due to the time elapse. Priya convinces Devyani to be strong. Karan is discharged from the hospital. Verma praises Brahmanand's cunning mind and his plan of taking Uttara on his side. Devyani rejects Shubhankar's advise of involving Uttara in the case. Priya tries convincing Uttara to reveal the truth in the court and Vidya overhears it. Vidya confirms about the eaves drop. Bauji convinces Devyani to inform the court and her children about Brahmanad's illegal relationships.
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