The Sims 3 house with basement

A demonstration video of how to build a house with a basement in The Sims 3. This was only my second time trying to build a basement, but i think it went alright. :) The video was recorded with the video recorder that is in the game.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Sims 3 house with basement

  1. Tigerybow36 says:

    Bull shit

  2. swagger1930 says:

    It looks more realistic like this instead of having a big room in underground darkness

  3. cutiepiecup1 says:

    Well for you u can do everything for me I can’t do SHIT!!!

  4. spriteman08 says:



  5. AM9393 says:

    I think this might only be do able on PC

  6. Iivaitte says:

    I think this was before the basement tool was in sims 3

  7. ivyandharley99 says:

    You were focusing on the house more than how to build a basement

  8. wolfattac says:

    I still have trouble with this on Xbox 360

  9. HaloMaster441 says:

    basement tool =P

  10. MessiahComing says:

    Probably, but the height of the house will likely look smaller than the max, because of the obvious restriction to the amount of floors you can have.

  11. Weskergbot says:

    how do you do that

  12. Weskergbot says:

    Destroy the house and make your own?

  13. MyDreka says:

    I think you should make the basement into a downstairs place where there can be bedrooms

  14. dwightRYANmusic says:

    I believe it is possible because the way the OP is doing it, they are just changing the elevation at a certain point on the lot.

  15. ChunkyLover53DotCom says:

    Will the basement tool work underneath the basement you created, that way I could get an extra level.

  16. sucramdi says:

    @xXTheBlackHaloXx the game didn’t originally come with that feature

  17. xXTheBlackHaloXx says:

    an easyer way is to use the basment thing on the building mode

  18. ika5111 says:

    why cant i build a foundation around it?? its so annoying it keeps saying cant level terrain!!!!!!!! please help

  19. xDippin says:

    @xI2aINxCommunity same wit the xbox

  20. xl2AINxCommunity says:

    is therw a mode that you can make houses for free for funn

  21. TheDaisyStyle says:

    Can this work for PlayStation 3 too? cus whenever i put stairs from the basement, it will say “cant level terrain” Big PROBLEM!

  22. badboyz123ful says:

    Can you make a tutorial how to put roofs in houses in the sims 3 im not good in that one.. ^^

  23. badboyz123ful says:


  24. badboyz123ful says:


  25. MrOmniStrife says:

    @Musicismylife4666 It is uploaded like 2 years ago so that time there isnt any basement tool.