IGN Daily Fix, 11-23: Twilight Opening, & Wii Video Channel

Twilight beats out Dark Knight, oh how sad. Plus, Nintendo launches video service in Japan for Wii, and Obama sanctions a video game learning plan. See more IGN videos at video.ign.com

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25 Responses to IGN Daily Fix, 11-23: Twilight Opening, & Wii Video Channel

  1. XxNosKidxX says:


  2. enrique2395 says:

    a guy who likes twilight actually knows how to get GIRLS unlike u!

  3. zal0stadr0n says:

    damn jess looks exceptionally gooooood this time : P

  4. GrizzlerBorno says:

    @0:42 GREAT! now Japanese families can watch Tentacle sex anime….TOGETHER!

  5. crazyelite00 says:

    twlight can get you laid if go with them

  6. crazyelite00 says:

    obama can suck a big cock with the twlight fans

  7. jelouse25 says:

    i cam back to watch a random video and jess is fucking smoking

  8. tanya3752 says:


  9. ohnzee says:

    if your girlfriend forces you to watch twilight, theres actually nothing you can do but call the police..

  10. 1778903 says:

    Any Guy who likes Twilight is actually gay

  11. AMoldyPotato says:

    now microsoft is going to have to do something for kids lol

  12. RichterBelmont12 says:

    @Lyokokrill: Agreed -gets out the gun-

  13. Lyokokrill says:

    Twilight?!?! Good god….it’s the beginning of the apocalypse!

  14. navataru says:

    lolnow that i think about it that way your right ;o LMFAO

  15. MjrDario says:

    and a movie dumb dumb

  16. vilem94 says:

    Its softcore porn for girls

  17. walletman23 says:

    i dont give a crap new moon is a book

  18. MjrDario says:

    ya but MW2 is game and Twilight new moon is a movie

  19. walletman23 says:

    MW2:$500,000,000 first week

    New Moon:$72,000,000 first day

    MW2>Twilight Saga

  20. navataru says:

    great twat-light just beat the dark knight how strange….but yes twatlight lis overrated

  21. aidinmoh97 says:

    hell yeah

  22. khsora50 says:

    MW2 already beat that on 11-10-09

  23. mycoolgoodvideos says:

    the only reason new moon beat out the dark knight was cause new moon was wayy to overratted….i dont give a **** i still think dark knight owns

  24. thedeadsiggy says:

    What about MW2.

  25. WhyteLis21 says:

    the twilight series is the most overrated movie while the books are okay harry potter series is still even better i think