How to build a sparrow trap part 3.wmv

The last of a three part series to show you how to build a repeating bait trap so that you can catch nuisance english house sparrows. English house sparrows are an introduced species that have decimated the populations of some of north america's native songbirds

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  1. rebeltz2010 says:

    Well done guys! this will help a lot of people build a good,economical,lasting trap.Im designing similar one, but with a easier method to remove all birds at once, will post it on line, when I can prove it works well.Sparrows,Pigiones and Indian minors, are in Plague propoartions here in Australia, and If every conservationist built one or a dozen we’ll do our bit , to save the native species CHEERS!

  2. LLuE88 says:

    Sure would be much easier to read the last text with a more contrasting color, GOOD VIDEO, regards

  3. GriffGruff78 says:

    Pulling their heads off is probably the easiest and most humane; it’s essentially the same death as hanging. In theory, the “tug” on the spinal cord transfers to the medulla and renders the subject insensible immediately.  You just grip the body firmly in your off hand, make a ring around the sparrow’s neck with the thumb and forefinger of your strong hand and give it a sharp, hard tug. Slightly more effort than picking a grape off of the vine.

  4. stanfordcoffee says:

    Great gadget! I’m going to make one. We raise Purple Martins and hopefully it will catch the English sparrow and starling. One question, what is your method of dispatching the birds that you’ve caught?

  5. whisperingsage says:

    You want to see some evil nonnative birds? Look up Starling behavior and House Sparrow behavior. They kill bluebirds and beneficial mosquito eaters like swallows and Martins. They kick woodpeckers out of their own nests. House sparrows kill bluebirds and their babies and nest on top of the bodies. They are killing our local songbirds. As well as crows and ravens (which are illegal to kill). They have taken over our neighborhood.

  6. whisperingsage says:

    We are thinking Blackbird pie! (Starlings )

  7. blacksmithace says:

    you could have just heat the pvc tube and bend it …. a lot more easier

  8. GriffGruff78 says:

    You should put that on your resume.

  9. thomastidewater says:

    Once you catch enough sparrows for a meal, what’s the best way to cook ‘em?

  10. Victourios17 says:

    - Wow ! How come I got more subscribers than you then if i `hate ‘ people on the internet ??

  11. GriffGruff78 says:

    Good point. I’m certainly old enough to know better than to argue with an antisocial, house-sparrow-apologist lunatic who hates people in general on the internet.

  12. Victourios17 says:

    - The only reason I think its wrong is that yet again humans are takin animal lives. It is not there fault that nature made them like they are, neither is it their fault that somebody realisied them where they are. But if they are an invasive species then so are we.

  13. Victourios17 says:

    Lol your are making me roll over in laughter !!! How old are you ???!!! Anyway I have more important things to do in life than talk to murders.

  14. GriffGruff78 says:

    I just re-read your comment and wanted to say that it doesn’t even make sense. Work on it.

  15. GriffGruff78 says:

    (pt 2) …It was some silly Brit that released sparrows and starlings into New York City’s central park around the turn of the century. By 1960 they had reached the Pacific coast. You can have ‘em all back if you want. Asshole.

  16. GriffGruff78 says:

    Let me get this straight: The next time I capture a sparrow and elect to dispatch it I should consider that I’m taking the life of an exotic, invasive species that violently competes with native cavity nesting species and is generally a bane upon the land? Great, you’re actually encouraging me. Also, “new” is not the same as “knew”, nor is “who’s” the same as “whose”, nor is “cusi’m” the same as “because I am”. Further, it’s “Asshole”. Asshole.

  17. Victourios17 says:

    - Just next time think about who`s life your taking cusi`m sure that sparrow would`nt have flown in this stupid trap if it new an asshole like you was around.

  18. deadsparrowsaregood says:


  19. GriffGruff78 says:

    Grow up, eh? Go play with some horse dolls and get back to me. I certainly wouldn’t wish a cruel death upon you, but I hope you stay you.

  20. Victourios17 says:

    - Grow up assehole !

  21. Victourios17 says:

    - Moron, Hope you die in a creul death !

  22. GriffGruff78 says:

    Get a clue, moron.

  23. GriffGruff78 says:

    About the only wild birds that you can trap and keep as pets in the United States without breaking federal laws are (i) English sparrows a.k.a. House Sparrows, (ii) European Starlings and (iii) feral pigeons. Starlings actually make great pets. Sparrows are about like fish as pets, they don’t really do much or interact. Starlings are more social and they will learn to mimic speech like parrots. Cool birds.

  24. GriffGruff78 says:

    Sparrows? Yes.

  25. TheJacdaw says:

    Leave the birds alone you moron