Manvel Ter-Pogosyan – Tears of Armenia (Ambient Mix)

Manvel Ter-Pogosyan - Tears of Armenia Just decided to share this masterpiece with you and added some pictures. My favorite chill-out track!!! If you are a hater...please dont comment! Comments will be deleted and you will be banned. ^^^^^^^ The Message Goes to Turks and Those Who Don't Respect Our History and Themselves Also!

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8 Responses to Manvel Ter-Pogosyan – Tears of Armenia (Ambient Mix)

  1. vainillaymortadela says:

    Viva Armenia!! Some day, there will be JUSTICE!!

  2. jerrytravel1 says:

    Wow. A great nation and its great songs.
    Armenia and Armenians are eternal.

  3. jentimwalker says:

    Vive le France, Merci France. We will never forget. Thanks for your support:))

  4. Raffie72 says:

    Viva Armenia!!!

  5. goreur10 says:

    thanks for the beautiful song :)

  6. davidk8888 says:

    You just go a sub solely because of this video alone, thanks

  7. theod74 says:

    God Bless this country. Leave peacefully and with Love.Greetings from Greece.

  8. laLumiereFinesse says:

    Armenia is a wonderfull country like its people.
    Viva Armenia and it’s amaizing nation!!!!!