Simple Chicken Coop Designs

Simple Chicken Coop Designs - Like This Design? Download my free chicken coop blueprints

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25 Responses to Simple Chicken Coop Designs

  1. LEAFCUT says:

    Thats a nice set up, not being picky but only two points,1: chickens will roost at the highest point-in this case the top of the nest boxes or within causing fouling 2:the roosting bar must be slightly rounded off otherwise the birds will develop feet problems, a dry and de barked tree limb would be more suitable or even a stout broom shank.

  2. QuailReview says:

    Very cool design!! If you have a sec can you check out my quail coop? Thanks and best of luck with your chickens :)

  3. 1megastudios says:

    where do you get the white thing and banister from BTW can you plz watch my chicken vid. Go onto my channel and it will be the first/top video thnx. please leave a comment on my channel telling me what you think of my coop and the chickens. sub i sub u add as friend aswell

  4. 1megastudios says:


  5. SingJiya says:

    Thats cool you can get fried chicken with that lamp in the coop so close the chickens.

  6. 3374arbor says:

    where do you get the 2nd floor white thing with squares in it next to the nesting boxes

  7. shaneparle says:

    i think its relly cool :)

  8. miiizzziii says:

    Wow! You must have really happy chikens.

  9. elielelloco says:

    i rlly like the iea as a matter off fact ima make one

  10. Natetrix1995 says:

    i really like your design im also working on a design for a chicken coop in my back yard for keeping 5 hens and a rooster :)
    as a hobby i will breed and incubate the eggs :)
    great vid though :) thumbs up!!

  11. 123pivot456 says:

    FREAKING awesome !!!

  12. consciousvoice63 says:

    Now let’s see those chickens running, gallivanting happily in their cozy home…

  13. SuperHurricane24 says:

    nice work

  14. bilalshaffi says:

    Nice one,every thing is in perfect position,…

  15. artistkentsdale says:

    very nice! you thought of everything!

  16. lethal123subhan says:

    this is perfect but a bit larger

  17. leadingbyxample says:

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  18. SensoOokami says:

    The link provided here only gave suggestions, not blueprints. I was hoping to get the actual blueprint for the coup you have here, it looks perfect for my chicken.

  19. colinhelika says:

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  20. gobmx35 says:

    Thats Ghettoly amzaing!!!

  21. lilblueguy says:

    Dude Thats a GREAT DESIGN! The only problem i have with it is the ramps should be more secured to the housing and other parts. Wouldnt want a chicken getting hurt on there. Although i could be wrong about it being sturdy.

  22. smmcknnn says:

    dude thats awesome

  23. welcometowow says:

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    remove -

  24. bookfellow1949 says:


  25. scottbulmer says:

    Thanks for sharing this great compact unit. Can you please tell me the headroom clearance for the roosting bar as well as the circulation area beneath the nests? Thank you again. Scott