Minecraft Redstone Tutorial – Automatic Locking Single Door

Just some notes - You can use wooden or stone pressure pads and it doesn't need to be placed on dirt. Minecraft Clip of the Day 010 - Space Shuttle Minecraft Clip of the Day 010 - Space Shuttle Minecraft Clip of the Day 010 - Space Shuttle Minecraft Clip of the Day 010 - Space Shuttle Minecraft Clip of the Day 010 - Space Shuttle How to build in Minecraft How to record in Minecraft How to survive in Minecraft Extra Tags: SSundee Machinima Respawn Realm sports minecraft pickaxe swords diamonds skeleton zombie creeper spider top 5 ceations minecraft clip of the day recording house villa sticks wood planks cobblestone iron gold fire burn night day bacon nethers ghast
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25 Responses to Minecraft Redstone Tutorial – Automatic Locking Single Door

  1. nerdydancer63 says:

    whats creeper?

  2. Patrick Mehlbaum says:

    The song is called Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (by: Shrillex)

  3. door2doorman says:

    Surely people can get through the door while you’re not there??


    What’s the
    Name of the song at the start of the video?

  5. 2s7a2m7 says:

    2:23 and again

  6. 2s7a2m7 says:

    0:33 u farted

  7. MrFrezze12 says:

    my gosh taylor helped heaps aye haha

  8. hazsam100 says:

    Wow this is an amazing vid i rrrrreeeeeeeeaaaallllllllllllyyyy loved it thank for the help!!!!!!!!

  9. DirigiblePlumCompany says:

    Um, creepers can’t open doors whether they’re locked or not…cool thing, though, if you’re in multiplayer or something.

  10. krinklesofmadness says:

    U FKING NOOB @Eyballsareawesome omg u get redston deep underground

  11. Eyeballsareawesome says:

    How do you get the red stone?

  12. rcflyer4455 says:

    this was great video thanks

  13. cheeseybat1 says:

    make sure the lever is not close enough to the dust under the door to conflict with it

  14. xXxSwimGuyxXx says:

    Thanks. I’ve almost got it to work, but when I put the door in “locked”, the door stays open, but the pressure plates make the door unalterable.

  15. cheeseybat1 says:

    with the way the lock works the only way is to have the lever right next to the door, it is safe to place it one block higher than it shows in the video however.

  16. xXxSwimGuyxXx says:

    Do you know how you would go about this with the lock (lever) being some place else other than right next to the door? There’s just a small itch in my head every time I see the lock right next to the door and at about floor level.

  17. TheMw3soap says:

    How old are u

  18. naruto9500 says:

    The opening was my ringtone and it wouldnt stop. So I just threw much phone…

  19. Buderptheminer says:

    Hey guys, my name is Luke. These probably get pretty annoying, but I have recently started a youtube channel with my bud and already have 3 videos up. We do happywheels minecraft and way more. We do PC and XBox. We will have many better videos in the near future. Thanks Guys! -Buderptheminer

  20. 4131025 says:

    is it possible to lock the wooden door even left/right clicking wont work?

  21. LapisChimera says:

    I bet his fraps says 3449385349058340963683409586345 Frames Per Second

  22. MriiSensational says:

    just try it

  23. badbananapeel says:

    hey, does this work in 1.0.0?

  24. IIxFuZioNiiX says:

    Or you could put a lever on both sides, inside one automatically locks..

  25. MrTujen says: