How to Build a Window Flower Box : GardenFork.TV

www.GardenFork.TV Want to make a window box for flowers, a window flower box that wont fall apart? Watch GardenFork.TV for the how-to and plans for a simple window flower box that you can make with simple tools. Plans and other fun stuff on our site,

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5 Responses to How to Build a Window Flower Box : GardenFork.TV

  1. jross82785 says:

    eric… just an idea… you should have mounted your brackets so the legs go behind the box instead of below the box… for example, mount the brackets to the wall first, then from underneath, screw the box to the brackets. That way the brackets are hidden and they will establish a gap between the box and the wall.

  2. erochow says:

    window flower boxes are easy to make, the idea of using a plastic insert keeps the wood from rotting, thanks for watching, eric.

  3. cathyk8 says:

    So simple, I am going to make one this week….Thank you

  4. BuddyClubGardening says:

    Liked the idea of cross braces on the bottom instead of an entire piece of plywood. Thanks for the idea. I’m going to try that idea or something like it.

  5. mukwah1111 says:

    Would love window boxes under my kitchen & livrm windows but my house is brick & windowsill is concrete…dont like the idea of drilling holes into my brick. The plastic window box within the wooden box is genius. What about placing a garden sock inside the box filled with compost to provide nutriets all season? Sew them up yourself with landscape fabric -zip tie the ends? Thanks for sharing such a practical easy project.