Sorg Mansion in Middletown, Ohio

Sorg Mansion is a beautiful and historic home in Middletown, Ohio. We were lucky enough to be able to visit this majestic building and inspect its antique fireplaces. Visit us at: or visit our Facebook page at For product information, go to: To find a chimney sweep in your area, go to Chimney Safety Institute of America National Chimney Sweep Guild
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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4 Responses to Sorg Mansion in Middletown, Ohio

  1. Cshell777 says:

    That is ONE TRULY AMAZING mansion!! I’m soooo glad that it’s getting restored! That’s excellent news!! To let that gorgeous piece of history succumb to the elements and nature would be an absolute waste – AND a crime!! I’m so into historic buildings and am a STRONG advocate for restoring old classic pieces of history!! This mansion is a precious work of art – inside and out!! So glad that the fireplaces are getting restored!! So relieved! I hope the restoration efforts continue.

  2. Faith Brewer says:

    so is no one living there then? i always pass it and have never seen any one.

  3. fickendatsmooshy says:

    They need to fix it up, it would be cool.

  4. 1691christian says:

    it looks beautiful from the outside