Jay-Z – On To The Next One Instrumental With Swizz Beatz On The Hook

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23 Responses to Jay-Z – On To The Next One Instrumental With Swizz Beatz On The Hook

  1. guitarpro925 says:

    Best troll ever

  2. 3Lil1Ron7 says:

    I’m on to the next one like a dollar bill/niggas swear they’re fresh until their skin gets pealed/I do this forreal/hard like steel got the million dollar case so I’m yellin no deal/known to go loco trap in the coke I mean coke in the trap cuz thats exactly where its at/if I’m in another city imma put mine on the map let em know about the Nap and go hard til I come back/Its time to level up as it gets hotter again/play the game until I win and beat it for my kin

  3. seafoodpizzayum says:

    yeh and the other 99.99% who are trying to “make it big” by posting their bars on youtube

  4. ljitsu says:

    thats exactly what they said about most people who did make it big

  5. seafoodpizzayum says:

    everyones lyrics are shit.. stop trying guys. You’re not gonna be big.

  6. 0oLoneWolfo0 says:

    On to the next one
    Sit back as I spit my lyrical stun gun
    Cookin this beat overdone
    Had yo girl on a home-run, First a kiss
    Then her shirt became undone
    Killin the game pun after pun
    Last nigga stepped to me
    The sky became black, and god screamed “it has begun”
    Unloaded my verses and earth became the sun
    left the game overcooked no where to run.

  7. ZeusAram says:

    @IamLegendTV22 you a fucking joke forreal lol nigga i know hip hop and thats nas not yo bum ass, the worse thing you can do is steal a person creavity and try to pass it off as your on man up and make something yo self step yo game up marcus psp

  8. Raincitywarrior says:

    on 2 da next bitchh

  9. PdubzCrew says:

    killed it….read his verse…its too live….fits the beat perfect.

  10. BruhhBruhhx33 says:

    pregnant i aint tawkin bouht juno. look B-Bitch im game like EA .you niggas hating man cuhz all yah do is replay, fitted cap got it tothe front .breif shade yall can go ahead cuhz grizzy always finished first placee …yee diqq .verse was COPYRIGHTED

  11. BruhhBruhhx33 says:

    life never stops thats my motto. headed to the top nd all theze bitches wanna follow .mami come daily show me how she swallow and.yea i gets it in nd i’ll be finishd by tmrw man. boy i gotta fresh swag never wear the same shit,im switchin groupies i aint whit da same bitch. boy im on daht fly shit i dunt got an airplane im,about to land tho start to clear the run way .haha invited to themred carpet shows i live faast dye yung never take it slow .big B cuhz ima boss like hugo, pockets stay

  12. MrNCize says:

    Yo, just a fukn kid, we all fuckn gota die
    Livin on higher perspective, coz im so fly
    the jokers that grin,them b those liven to lie,
    lickety spliff of dope shit so that im high
    shit neva changes, its for the ages
    like everyhoe wanna suk on whosevas nuts
    the whole thing cause a fukn ache up in ma guts
    specially dem bitches who leashd up to there muts

    copy right.

  13. M0N3YB0IZPR0DUCTI0NZ says:

    @bl4zz1nth4tw33d , your lame its youtube you cant do shit…
    @TheHevquip , your also lame… who ever talks shit over youtube really has no life

  14. TheHevquip says:

    That’s fine, I don’t need your HIV anyway. I already have full-blown AIDS and am doing just fine.

  15. bl4zz1nth4tw33d says:

    Sorry I Dont Roll ur Way Last Reply ur Gettin From Me pce out

  16. TheHevquip says:

    I can’t go cry to my boyfriend, as he is busy being anally reamed, so I have come to you keep me company instead.

  17. bl4zz1nth4tw33d says:

    Shut Up Stop Talkin Big On Youtube U Fucking Loser tuck it in Go Cry To Ur Boyfriend Or W.e The Fuck U Go Cry To I Dont Judge

  18. TheHevquip says:

    Well now, when you say things that stupid, your trolling just becomes blatantly obvious…

  19. bl4zz1nth4tw33d says:

    Ur Such A Goof Whats My Righting Have To Do With This Stop Being A Youtube Gangster And Shut Up Ur Waisting My Time U Goof

  20. TheHevquip says:

    Yeah, okay there internet tough guy faggot. Must be a real bitch to type when you unnecessarily capitalize the first letter of every word too.

  21. bl4zz1nth4tw33d says:

    I Dont Work At A Burger Joint U Fucking Cracker OR W.E The Fuck U Are So Shut Your Face Watch What u Say Boy UR Lucky Ur Not In My Face Id Skin U Like A Buffalo U Little Bitch Now Shut Ur Face

  22. TheHevquip says:

    I’m smart enough that I don’t have to work for others, so I could care less about getting hired at your burger joint anytime soon.

  23. bl4zz1nth4tw33d says:

    Shut Up No Ones Going To Hire A Jack Ass Loud Mouth Like U