Luigi’s Mansion Minecraft Project 1º Footage

I started this Project 2 months ago and I've been building it since then. It's just me working on the Mansion, no one else! The F1, F2, F3 and the Roff-top are completed (working on the basement). Take a look at some pictures from F1 and F2: Mansion picture: I will release the mansion for download after it is completed! Texture Pack Used (Made by me) Rate and Comment and spread the word ^^

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25 Responses to Luigi’s Mansion Minecraft Project 1º Footage

  1. SonicDXNero says:


  2. lolMattandBryanlol says:

    No top comment…POTATOE

  3. SonicDXNero says:

    Thank you, if you liked this check out my Super Mario 64 Castle Recreation :)

  4. greennovacorps says:


  5. MrGuacamoleMan says:

    Yah, I hope so too.

  6. SonicDXNero says:

    Sorry to ear that… hope you get it back :)

  7. MrGuacamoleMan says:

    My Minecraft Luigis Mansion Looks Just Like The Real Thing, But When Our Computer Died I Hope We Backed It Up.

  8. SonicDXNero says:

    Well then… I would like to see it please! it must be awesome!

  9. nichohnedich says:

    the luigis mansion that i build is much better :D

  10. SonicDXNero says:

    Thanks I love the game2 xD, cant wait for LM2 :)

  11. pol1996 says:

    really awesome i love luigi mansion

  12. TheGoldenMarioBro says:


  13. austingoomba says:

    HEY GUYS, for this he should’ve used the Corocraft texture pack, it looks more like it than this.

  14. Shyguythegreat77 says:

    just thinking maybe you might want to put a aim in like the cross or whatever it would be easier with stuff

  15. SonicDXNero says:

    Thanks, but still there’s something wrong, the little door icon on the inventory. I made changes before and then I realised that they were better like they were before. Update is out if you want!

  16. Shyguythegreat77 says:

    thanks its really awesome!! i love the doors!!

  17. SonicDXNero says:

    Np, Link in Description! Enjoy :)

  18. Shyguythegreat77 says:


  19. MineCraftSP3 says:

    Can i download this world?

  20. SonicDXNero says:

    Sure, this Texture pack is mine, I called it LeonPack. Post link as soon as I can

  21. Shyguythegreat77 says:

    what texture pack is this?
    post a link?

  22. WindShadow64 says:


  23. SonicDXNero says:

    no, it should be up by now but there was an error with the save and I had to start building from a backup, but I have a trailer xD, check my latest video ^^

  24. WindShadow64 says:

    Is there a download-link for the new version?

  25. SonicDXNero says:

    I cant find it, send me a PM with the link!