Minecraft Bikini Bottom

This is the Bikini Bottom we promised! Hope you like it!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Minecraft Bikini Bottom

  1. kalo5256 says:

    Mr Crabbs house is a penis

  2. Bucky Klein says:

    you forgaot the boating school :p

  3. Bucky Klein says:

    and you can see the inside in that episode

  4. Bucky Klein says:

    there was that episode where they got mr.crabs a new matress.

  5. lTheUnknownGamerl says:

    You guys forgot his big closet full of clocks

  6. minecraftnitro1 says:


  7. trent laughlin says:

    lol…me first..no me first…no im going first..that was funny

  8. Angel Camacho says:

    7:33 secert recipe so fuck yourself plankton

  9. iiDynastyFTW says:

    i don’t have minecraft for PC but i do have it for xbox and i want to recreate this to show my friends so if someone is willing to be nice can you tell me how many bricks up, back, out, (XYZ, length with height?)

  10. FonsyArts says:

    There was another episode with mr crabs house. pearl has a sleep over

  11. Josue Cota says:

    create the two towers from lord of the rings

  12. FWESing10 says:

    oh my god that is sooo sexy

  13. DAVIT MURADYAN says:


  14. K1RAZY1KI1D says:

    thats awesome good job

  15. SiMoN3ThErApPeR says:

    I love it thank!!!!

  16. skidoo879 says:

    U forgot his library in spongbobs house

  17. soniaromero013 says:

    3 and lol i love it!!

  18. KingOfThaFools says:

    Please after i saw this… make a vid where you kill J_Martt17 many many times :O

  19. maui sangalang says:

    how did you build the half door

  20. Lambo271217 says:

    please dont be his valentine

  21. snowypenguin1 says:

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    squiward has kitchen

  23. lilknight098 says:

    you should build something so exotic thats never been done on minecraft.

  24. MeadowMag says:

    this is amazing how long did it take you to build this!

  25. MrZodiacGalaxy says:

    “Go in the hole” TWSS