Construction of Small Chicken House

Construction of Small Chicken House

Article by Dean James

Not all chicken owners need large houses for their chickens. Those with just a couple or so only need smaller sized coops. If you're a chicken owner, you can purchase a coop, but, if budget is a priority, or if you want to tackle a project that's not that difficult and can give you a sense of fulfillment, try do it yourself construction of small chicken coop. You can find plans online which will assist you to build your own chicken coop, but it is best to pick up a proven guide that shows you exactly what to do.

One of the very first things you must decide upon is just how small your coop is going to be. You need to consider the number of chickens you will be putting into the coop itself. Allocate a minimum of 4 square feet to regular sized chickens and around 2 feet for the smaller-sized bantam chickens. Giving additional space for feeders, perches, nesting boxes, and so forth, should also be remembered by anyone who'll be undertaking the construction.

The internet is a plentiful resource for coop plans. Once you have determined that you need a small-sized hen house and worked out the dimensions of it, you then need to consider the hen house design. The two most highly favored of all the building plans are the ark style and also A frame chicken coops.

The characteristics of an ark coop are that is is a multi-level building which is well ordered for your flock of chickens. The ark chicken coop contains specific areas. When you are engaged in the construction of this small chicken coop you will see it has an area for grazing and another for where your chickens can lay eggs and comfortably nest.

Now the A-frame chicken coop is completely different in that it is a pointed construction which doesn't contain multiple levels. Your chickens both graze and lay eggs on the same level. Chicken coop building blueprints for the A frame coop commonly advise that you cover the coop in strong chicken wire to serve as protection against natural predators.

Plans for ark and A-frame chicken coops show you how to build them so they are either portable or fixed types. The fixed type is usually considered more durable than the portable kind. It is best that you use hard wearing materials such stronger types of wood to ensure that the coop can provide protection aside from shelter to your hens. Learn exactly how you can get started with diy chicken coops including other things you must take into account before you start your building project.

If you wish to save money, the building of a small coop is really a sensible and rewarding pursuit for anyone that wishes to take care of chickens. By constructing the coop yourself, you will also be able to include all the features you need for a home which will ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your chickens.

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