Minecraft – Mansion

This is my Mansion on Minecraft, so far :D It's on Singleplayer so I have gathered everything all by my self. The design is all by me too :D More vids to come subscribe x)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Minecraft – Mansion

  1. SoulMyster Jones says:

    Don’t hate man

  2. Jellyjar13 says:


  3. 5POOPIEZ says:

    friggin best song ever

  4. LolDomRan says:

    Looks like a haunted house..

  5. PhilChillax says:


  6. mrtoffe100 says:

    Very nice house. :) 

  7. Ahlstrompiano says:

    It’s in Alpha 1.1 man. Check top left corner :)

  8. matteo vertullo says:

    i liked the song who made it?

  9. Tony Rodgers says:

    What is the name of this song?

  10. cuthbertnibbles says:

    I am so sick of people doing this. If you want to get top comment, come up with something creative. This is so f_cking lame, why do people do this kind of sh*t?

  11. AidansWatchingYou says:

    its not cobblestone

  12. TheSubscriber30 says:

    ppl that make fun of this house are losers that cant build

  13. demonoid73 says:

    what is the song?

  14. Sephiroth241415 says:

    ya but he is the one with 300 000 views and ur just a nobody leaving hate comments

  15. Wasabih26 says:

    Well I’m sorry to say that but every single viewer here has already done better.

  16. asong999 says:

    Sorry but it is really bad

  17. Sephiroth241415 says:

    id like to see u do better

  18. jacobusa2000 says:

    right ive seen amazing ass buildings with alot of cool patterns with less veiws

  19. jaredderaj1 says:

    I love it and the song is called minecraft song look up minecraft everyday song and u will see it

  20. cloclo999333 says:

    whats the song called

  21. MrJoshtrocki says:

    Came here for the song

  22. playstationwii23 says:

    The mansion is ok but that song is crap

  23. Ghostrobofan50 says:

    Like it

  24. cmhoward09 says:

    Sorry but only thing good is the song

  25. TheSubscriber30 says:

    no it isnt it sucks balls