Minecraft Lets Play: Episode 108

In this episode I continue work on my secret underground laboratory! I had to do a lot of digging off camera but I believe it outcome was way worth it. Save File (Updated) tinyurl.com My texture pack tinyurl.com

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25 Responses to Minecraft Lets Play: Episode 108

  1. dell14351 says:

    its not much of a lab it looks like aliens invaded and that was made for ppl to go live in a real earth like envierment and not get killed

  2. sointense2 says:

    can I PLEASE Have the blueprints or some very easy help to make that exact shaped dome, I REALLY REALLY want to know because i’m aswell making an underground base and i wanna make it sorta like this one I Would LOVE IT if you told me, thanks.
    I’m also getting your map and gonna see the width and that for a little help. =)

  3. Momch4il says:


  4. Gi2moCinema says:

    Saying *Simply Because* wasn’t so bad, but now you say it a lil too often anyway, Thought id end this with something funny, 2:25 Thats wut she said!.

  5. Luis Fainha says:

    someone knows why I can’t turn off the lava place????

  6. MrHubububu63 says:

    Oh nevermind

  7. MrHubububu63 says:

    Wait how’d he get grass grass underground??

  8. christine5999 says:

    wait r u a creator of mine craft?

  9. MrShadow12622 says:

    20:00 Your a flower racist!! 

  10. LilPwnyz says:

    You should call the farm wing: Biological Research Compound

  11. iPodManiac1100 says:

    Yeah I was just wondering because I’ve had this texture pack for a while now.

  12. Zykyris says:

    Yeah he made that pack, Its called the Tymix I think

  13. iPodManiac1100 says:

    Wait, are you the guy who made this texture pack?

  14. camomagic100 says:

    In the room with the laver in u should make it so when u go in it’s bared off and when u step on the pressure plate it opens

  15. zorzkel says:

    You should grow a big tree to the center of your nature room and put glowstone in it to look epic, than make 4 tiny waterfalls in the corners of your room and put lillypads and flowers all over the room, it would be epic!

  16. TheRealAnders84 says:

    It could be nice if you could make a tour of your online server! :)

  17. mrTHATturtle says:

    So, basically, he means a well right?

  18. blazer2oo says:

    I always get four 0_o

  19. GoWivDaFlo says:

    read the discription.

  20. IAmJustSomeRandomGuy says:

    Hey Tyken, since you posted this, the 1.2.3 update came out. I would recommend upside down stair blocks for your benches. I saw someone who used them and it was amazing.

  21. timagreg1 says:

    whats your texture pack?

  22. Tuplabotti says:

    like I already said, this was the first and the last.

  23. jackfrost884 says:

    I think if your raised the height of the lamps they would look better i dint know why but i prefer them higher. The classic streetlamp desighn seems a bit to industrially for a nice little garden ,maybe just raise the just glow stone a block?

  24. jackfrost884 says:

    Have you seen anything by Tyken?

  25. jackfrost884 says:

    or rather it should do something extremely basic for example open and shut a door in a beyond overly complex way a Rube Goldberg machine of mine craft of course keep in mind that the red stone needs to be exposed so we can see the stupid complexity.