Minecraft Tutorial- How to Build the Perfect Circle

Minecraft Tutorial- How to Build the Perfect Circle. In this video we show you how to build the perfect circle inside of minecraft. Circles in mindcraft are easy once you know the strategy. Our tutorial takes pixel art concepts for building circles and applies that to building circles out of blocks. Give it a try! Please subscribe, rate and leave a comment on other videos that you would like to see from us. We will do our best to respond to the requests.
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24 Responses to Minecraft Tutorial- How to Build the Perfect Circle

  1. T21SAMM says:

    Wat about a small circle cani put 3212 instead of 5212

  2. supermario76866 says:

    But the bigger you make it it will start to look like a square. Any thing to fix that ?

  3. Westmananton says:

    just keep building outside of the circle :D

  4. xXLandNannersXx says:

    Watta bout massive circles?

  5. walkernotarunner says:

    anyone see the green Pepsi sign?

  6. bullelk9 says:

    minecraft quiz #1 name a circle
    Steve: what’s a circle?

  7. ghostsniper5236 says:

    ah shitty ass mac is shitty

  8. Nutguy95 says:

    True, it could make a circle if there were appropriately shaped holes in the ground however he said “put water on theflat piece of land” therefore it would make a diamond shape :)

  9. nuclear DRIFT says:

    later that day notch rejoined with thecodeguys explaining how you can

    God has left the game

  10. StoicVenus says:

    Thanks, but I figured it out on my own after thinking about it… Took me two and a half hours but once you know how it’s done it’s easy to duplicate.

  11. animeisbest threesixninezero says:

    that depends on how close a hole in the ground is
    so it may or may not make a circle or diamond shape
    depending on map seed i suppose…

  12. animeisbest threesixninezero says:

    first make a perfect dome or half moon
    then try doing it upside down on the bottom of your half circle
    if your trying to make it off the ground make a work platform
    try on the ground first because its a little harder then you think

  13. maassuporters says:

    i still watch this

  14. Myrkur214 says:

    Oh man thank you!!! I was trying for a while and they kept coming up super uneven

  15. XxGamingAreaxX says:

    Could you make 100 x 100 Blocks circle please? i’ve been trying for couple weeks and allways mess it up & Please i beg you to do 100 x 100 block circle and let us download plz!

  16. StoicVenus says:

    Very nice. Now all I need is instructions on how to make this circle into a sphere…

  17. dani14563utube says:

    dude thank u so much before watching this my circles would would look like a zigzag :D

  18. thecodeguys says:

    Thanks for watching!

  19. Constructer97 says:


  20. 7260a says:

    that’s just bullcrap what you say there

  21. Nutguy95 says:

    Naa that would make a diamond shape

  22. 7260a says:

    Other way:
    You will need a flat piece of land.
    Place a water bucket on the flat ground.
    Now build around the water, tada a circle

  23. grn100cash says:

    Finally it works, I have been trying to make circles for so long

  24. KaityWLO says:

    Well you just destroyed the whole purpose of Minecraft…
    But I love it! :D
    Not hating. :’|