The Sims 3 – Building a Lakeside Mansion

Watch as this beautiful home is built right before your eyes, and listen to the commentary as I talk about the construction phase of this house. Imagine the life of living next to your own private lake, well now your sims can enjoy that freedom. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** - Suggest a House: Download this house from the Sims 3 Exchange: View more pictures on the official website: ---- Video Series -------------------------------------------------------------- Sims 3 Houses The Sims 3 Update iBlog Personal Vlogs ---- Websites -------------------------------------------------------------- Website Live Stream iPhone Website ---- Connect with Me -------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter Facebook Page Sims 3 Profile Dailybooth Email Me Remember to Subscribe, Thumbs Up, and Comment. Thanks :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Sims 3 – Building a Lakeside Mansion

  1. Walter4120 says:

    It is a great house, have to say, I’m going to build one exactly like that for myself in a forest with a pond and rocks around. Cheers

  2. Timgrayson14 says:

    i suck at building roofs

  3. KaciiKawaii says:

    this house remindes me of the house from when a stranger calls

  4. guysholliday says:

    @guysholliday “Actually” also features strongly in these videos.

  5. guysholliday says:

    I love these houses, but man it drives me nuts when you say “as well” twenty times in five minutes. Also how many times can you say “more or less” before you realize it?

  6. madmanmatt2479 says:

    PRO !!!!!

  7. N567an says:

    wow your are very patient my houses dont turn out great cause im so impatient so i just build very small houses! :)

  8. avatarhalo3 says:

    i got ot get sims 3

  9. diamonds454 says:

    @TheArtCrazyGuy i think hes from Canada

  10. TheArtCrazyGuy says:

    U sound kinda like sarah palin x3

  11. speedstacks1999 says:

    build the krusty crab!!!

  12. MistahJesus says:

    my fave house. :D

  13. chelso601 says:

    You have a gift, Nobody could do that, Thats a great talent you know. Thumbs up if you agree he is the best sim builder. :-)

  14. Harrbb5 says:

    just wondering how do u build on a hill side every tome i try i end up completey wreaking it

  15. Harrbb5 says:

    just wondering how do u build on a hill side every tome i try i end up completey wreaking it

  16. catheartsyou44 says:

    Hi! i have been playing sims 3 for a very long time now! but im not sure how to use the store. does it cost to “download” the houses, clothes, hair, etc. Please help! Thanks :)

  17. MrJamesey1000 says:

    This is a fantastic video. Really well explained and informative. Well done!

  18. turtleking23 says:

    That my friend looks awesome

  19. CrimsonPhoenix369 says:

    omg… I love this typical american open kitchen *-* I wish I would had one too *-* our kitchen is in an separate room. that’s our kitchen. but it’s really boring. I want to have an open kitchen like the most of your houses!!!

  20. Moviepoodle says:

    That house is gorgeous!!!!! :O

  21. transf3 says:

    is fantastic

  22. eclipselover1918 says:

    oh wow, beautiful! very lovely! yah know what i hate tho? the fact that ur sims can SWIM in the friggin lake!! OR ocean, how jacked is that? still, ur lake house makes up for that terrible EA glitch!


    Actually your pretty good at this.

  24. Sims3Fan2645 says:

    @BlueGoldfish22 yes he is

  25. ArksTheArks says:

    Stop touching your face! goosh!