The Sims 3 – Building a Modern Celebrity Mansion

Now that your sim is a Superstar Celebrity they need a home to reflect who they are. This house says that. The look of the house is Modern and simple at the same time. High front gates prevent the noisy paparazzi from getting in, and the beautiful large backyard and pool is a great place to entertain. With the great views of Bridgeport in the background, your sims will always feel like they are above everyone else. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** - Suggest a House: You can download this house from the Sims 3 Exchange for free right now, and you can view all the pictures of the house on The Curtis Paradis Show Website. - Download: - Exclusive Pictures: Don't forget to check out The Curtis Paradis Show Website for all the information you could want pertaining to the Show. See the newest videos, suggest houses, and watch Curtis Live during selected time on The Curtis Paradis Show LIVE. Watch more of Curtis' videos like his Sims 3 House videos, or Stay up to date with the Sims 3 via the Sims 3 Update. If you are a big Apple fan you can check out the iBlog where it's all Apple all the time. Don't forget if you have a question you want to ask Curtis why as a Q&A Day question. - Sims 3 Houses - The Sims 3 Update - iBlog - Q&A Day You ...

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25 Responses to The Sims 3 – Building a Modern Celebrity Mansion

  1. TheCoolken10 says:

    console r pc

  2. Respectical says:

    @dantheman111000 There’s a basement tool.. Just use it then build your house on top..

  3. dantheman111000 says:

    curtis, how do you make a basement?
    anyone else whoknows, feel free to reply!

  4. CCNutella says:

    You houses are amazing….

  5. TheMacilove says:


  6. superl4dpro2 says:

    You are Friggen amazing :)

  7. CrazyMudaFacka says:

    Hahaha just finishd my 1 million house this is a crap house man i will make a short movie about the house the next days :D

  8. MrTryHard21 says:

    ur sims is the luckiest dude ever

  9. element52193 says:

    how much did it cost?

  10. dualdragon11 says:

    If i’m going to have me a house.

    I would hire u man…

  11. Dope12352 says:

    Hes goin to be RICH is he send that house to the sims 3 creater he go make a a house for them

  12. arjooo1 says:

    you so amezing

  13. Bladeboy05 says:

    @ahmed1481 LOL this seems like it should be a Architect software house designer, but it’s not it’s Sims 3 Game :D

  14. iGenerator1 says:

    *q and a* do you know if ea is planing or had plans for expansion packs for xbox 360 and ps3 ever?

  15. abbylovesgaga says:

    your amazing!!!

  16. TheHellboy419 says:

    you sir are a genius i have never even imagined building a house that amazing!!!!!!

  17. maagsm says:

    are you a pony huger. and your library looks like a detition room

  18. maagsm says:

    are you a pony

  19. Mikster35 says:

    @ahmed1481 your comment makes me facepalm

  20. amiz321 says:

    I LOVE YOUR HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! You really should think about being an architect or work for the sims!!!!!!!!!

  21. diamonds454 says:

    OH MY GOSH……… UR A GENIUS……. They need to make you work for the sims 3 in the houses department…… your houses are 100 times better than the sims 3 houses. Keep it up

  22. ahmed1481 says:

    may anyone tell me the program he used in this video ?

  23. angeld202 says:

    just slow down

  24. mrmallou1 says:

    can i hire you as my architect?

  25. MrRpgmakerkid says:

    I know its a bad place to spam but I built a nice mansion and I would like to hear you’r guys opinion please. /watch?v=ZwTrGbbcQcA&feature=channel_video_title