The Sims 3 – Building a California Mansion

Once you enter this house your breath will be taken away. It is like nothing you have ever seen before. From the luxurious rooms to the spacious back yard this house will become a huge part of your sims live. ***PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CURTIS ONLY ACCEPTS HOUSE SUGGESTS VIA THE MODERATOR THAT CAN BE FOUND ON THE MAIN CHANNEL PAGE, OR ON THE CURTIS PARADIS SHOW WEBSITE.*** - Suggest a House: You can download this house from the Sims 3 Exchange for free right now, and you can view all the pictures of the house on The Curtis Paradis Show Website. - Download: - Exclusive Pictures: Don't forget to check out The Curtis Paradis Show Website for all the information you could want pertaining to the Show. See the newest videos, suggest houses, and watch Curtis Live during selected time on The Curtis Paradis Show LIVE. Watch more of Curtis' videos like his Sims 3 House videos, or Stay up to date with the Sims 3 via the Sims 3 Update. If you are a big Apple fan you can check out the iBlog where it's all Apple all the time. Don't forget if you have a question you want to ask Curtis why as a Q&A Day question. - Sims 3 Houses - The Sims 3 Update - iBlog - Q&A Day You can connect with Curtis via Facebook, Twitter, and Dailybooth. - Facebook Page - Twitter - Dailybooth Remember to Subscribe, Thumb Up, and post a comment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Sims 3 – Building a California Mansion

  1. PetCrazzy says:

    Hey, you know that’s Aaron Spellings house. Woah. I thought it was just a house but you can tell, it’s his. Just one question: Why didn’t you tell people who’s it was? Or did the person just send the pic?

  2. theobanan says:

    what expantion packs do i need to download this house? i only have the sims 3 and TS 3 generations

  3. Aquablazer27 says:

    I found my mom watching this drooling…….LOL

  4. mattsenra says:

    does anyone else love hoe he says garage

  5. socc3rb4lla says:

    isnt this the spellings house?

  6. dorisloveable says:

    OMG this house is amazing

  7. ABSpena says:

    tis is soooo cool! but could you build a pent house coz i just really want to see one thanks xxxxx

  8. katx0192 says:


  9. Pyrobomb2002 says:

    This house is awesome

  10. Mewgetic44 says:

    …Oh wait, you can download it. Adurrr.

  11. Mewgetic44 says:

    …..*shiftyeyes*….. *turns off sims 3 fullscreen using cheat and copies this house detail by detail* What?! Anybody would do that!

  12. TheSpeedyJet says:

    What EPS Do You need ?

  13. BxxL805 says:

    holy baby jesus! thats ridiculous!

  14. ElinelovesWT says:

    O my god how I love this!

  15. MiniG4m3rs says:

    You’re amazing ! Can you build some house some day for real ? :D

  16. Bonnoh1 says:

    does anyone know how you lay triangle shaped floors (i’m dutch so it’s not the best english you’ve ever seen)

  17. dororo3005 says:

    this house is awesome

  18. dororo3005 says:

    i have the fastlane pack i wish my computer could play it

  19. siriusgamer says:

    @KLLK420 I’m pretty sure if you dont have the ep, then the items just dont appear.

  20. agc195 says:

    @TheCurtisParadisShow what EP is the exterior wall from? i’ve seen that before but it doesn’t come with the base game or on the store

  21. NoTroubleMikeG says:

    @KLLK420 I think the objects that are from an expansion pack that you do not own simply don’t appear.

  22. mattyrussellp says:

    i hope your an architect one day

  23. KLLK420 says:

    ` Obviously this game has expansion pack items in it, so do you have to have the expansion pack to download this house? Or do certain objects not show up. thumbs up or help ? :)

  24. stonerbear2121 says:

    Hey how do you make the triangle tiles? Can any body tell me

  25. Droxx216 says:

    Can someone upload it to another site i can’t download it from the exchange :|