Simple Plan – One Day (Lyrics)

One Day by Simple Plan The content used in this video is completely owned and copyrighted by Atlantic/Lava Records. I do not however own everything from this video. Atlantic Records Channel: Simple Plan's Official Channel: (c) 2002 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States
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25 Responses to Simple Plan – One Day (Lyrics)

  1. ashdaf709 says:

    Just love simple plan :)

  2. ColinIohxD says:

    That how I feel when my parent keep treating me like as if I am 5 year old. I am 16 and I want to just have a day with my friends at his house is that too much to ask :(

  3. punkred67 says:

    Reminds me so much of me at my dads house! It’s like they’re writing the story of my life! Holy fucking shit!

  4. xEvilxAngel says:

    I’m so happy college is going to start soon. I’m sick and tired of my parents controlling me, and treating me like a 5 year old. I’m 18 and they dont trust me with my car but they trust my brother with HIS car when HE was 18?! Wtf! is this some kind of sexist shit?? They practically trapped me in my house for the whole summer unless my best friend agrees to hang out with me. Where the fuck is my freedom?!

  5. MCRlover0005 says:

    @Ryouisforever same here

  6. bshanks26 says:

    this videos has the most depressing comments I’ve ever seen, don’t believe me, go back a few comment pages, but the song is great

  7. xxjondonleyxx1 says:

    @CanadaMuthafukka ok for that Canada has started to make up for justin beiber but the usa treats everyone like shit (wish i was canadian)

  8. Kevinnnnns92 says:

    oh now i miss my childhood :( when i was being a bad child , run away , got punish . i never felt that again

  9. RequiemPwnagePSN says:

    One day….they will all burn in hell….*decapitates Chao plushie* fuck them all….

  10. kenzielizabeth61 says:

    I wish I could fast forward til I turn 18..

  11. thepoolck says:

    @misspinkpunkykat CANT AGREE MOREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. misspinkpunkykat says:

    I couldn’t wait to turn 18. I DO NOT miss my childhood. I have more freedom as an adult than I ever did as a little kid.

  13. millerprebecca says:

    18th birthday playlist woo!

  14. Nintenfan49 says:

    Haha, I like almost every song by this band.

  15. CanadaMuthafukka says:

    @countrybabygurl21 I agree. Speak freely and ignore the haters. btw Canada’s awesome because we treat each other like human’s

  16. purplemist454 says:

    @Ryouisforever lol same here :P

  17. Ryouisforever says:

    this is awesome…i kinda think this song is about totally describe my

  18. NotSoFailuyr says:

    @andrutza0914 Also a little like In Too Deep – Sum 41

  19. andrutza0914 says:

    does it start like ” Dani California ” by RHCP , right?

  20. Januxii says:

    @MollyJas7 if I were u, I would knock them all down and run for it ._. (those at school)

  21. cioffism says:

    Dont read this cause it actually works. u will be kissed in the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you do not post this comment on at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. now you started reading this, dont stop. This is so scary. Put this on at least 5 videos in 143 minutes and when your done, press F6 and your lover’s name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is so scary cuz it actually works

  22. FallenArchangel1525 says:

    I wish my mother knew english..i would totally make her listen to this

  23. aerosforever says:

    Hahah look 28 fags!

  24. XXRiotgirl12 says:

    I cant wait til im 18. xD im taking off dude

  25. MadVloGGer101 says: