Building A Dog House Plans – Why You Need Them

Building A Dog House Plans - Why You Need Them

Article by Enda McLarnon

I wish I had a dollar for every dog house that I have built over the year and the key to this is to have a simple building dog house plan. It all starts with the planning and if you get that right, then the actual execution is a lot easier than you think. For many years I bred St Bernard dogs and I also bred English sheep dogs, so I have built many different types of dog houses over that time. I have also built dog houses of all shapes and sizes for both friends and family.

The one thing I can say to you with absolute certainty is that the time spent planning anything is always time well spent. My dad was a carpenter and he must have said a million times to me, measure twice and cut once. That is actually pretty good advice and very relevant when it comes to having a dog house plan. Ok, if we are agreed on that principle, then let's actually have a look at what should go into putting together a plan.

It may seem obvious and even dumb to suggest this but I have seen people get this completely wrong. What size is the pet that you are going to build the house for? Sure your dog may be a puppy now, but he won't always be one, so check that out before you even put a pencil to paper. Also take note of this, even if he is a King Charles, you will still need to be able to get inside it easily to clean it out. A two foot high dog house may seem like a good idea and a bit cheaper to make, but it will give you a huge ongoing maintenance problem. It does depend on the size of the dog but I would never build anything smaller than a three foot square house. I usually have the entrance about one foot wide and about a foot and a half high.

You can pick up simple dog house plan almost anywhere and there are books available that will give you any number of options. The important thing is not so much the shape as that comes down to individual choice, but you have to build it in a way that provides a home for your dog and is strong and sturdy enough to stand up to the weather that it will have to withstand, be that winds, showers of rain or heavy snow and ice.

Here are some real top tips to avoid making any mistakes.

Wood is always the cheapest option and the only drawback with that is being able to quickly disinfect them. That isn't required too often, but if that is a hassle for you, then I would recommend something in PVC or plastic, but they have their own problems. They are also more expensive to make.

Always use a good hardwood and not cheap wood like external plywood. Buy the best hardwood you can afford.

Treat it with a good wood preserve that is of course safe for animals. That will extend its life by years.

Always pick a plan that allows the dog house to be elevated off the ground to prevent dampness soaking through from the ground up.

I always pick a plan with a hinged roof because it makes cleaning a whole lot easier. This option does allow you to build a smaller house, but don't make it too small. The roof should also provide an over hang of around six inches to protect your dog from the weather.

If you build a decking, which I do for a living, then the floor is always angled to allow drainage. Remember your dog will go into this wet, and water can build up, so allow a small degree of slope.

I don't provide a door on my houses but some people like this option so for me a matter of choice.

I always use a bit of insulation as it is cheap to do and will help protect your dog. Use proper insulation with some air vents to prevent condensation, especially if you are going to fit a swinging door.

The roof of your dog house will always get the worst of the weather, so make sure it slopes and I always use a heavy green felt, which will last for years.

Why bother building a dog house at all? It all comes down to price in the end. You can buy a dog house of course but to build your own costs around a quarter of that price. For me there is the smug satisfaction that I built it myself, and I built something unique to me.

The important bit is to get a pencil and paper and to have a simple building a dog house plan.

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