The Lorie – award winning house plan. The Lorie House Plan 3 Bedrooms - 2 1 Baths Width - 70'-0" x 70'-0" Deep 2197 Square Ft. Heated Area. 10'-0" ceilings located in these rooms Dining - Great Room - Foyer - Kitchen 9'-0" ceilings in all other rooms

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8 Responses to The Lorie – award winning house plan.

  1. DigitalArtsSociety says:

    This is ridiculous! I went from dreaming big just 2seconds before, 2 story modern houses, Flat roofs to now wanting this house and looking at 2 story homes as oldschool and ugly.
    I’m literally changed,. The comfy and cuddly feeling the smallness of this house brings has sold me. Time to Major and start Saving up.

  2. mscpbd says:

    You are welcome… :-)

  3. elishacheryl says:

    Wow!!Thanx alot!!You are too! :)

  4. elishacheryl says:

    Wow!!Thanx alot!!
    You are talented too!!

  5. mscpbd says:

    Thank you very much.

  6. mscpbd says:

    Thank you very much elishacheryl.. I saw your videos and you are one talented young lady!


  7. elishacheryl says:

    Wow yes its a beautiful house!!wow the person who made it is pretty talented.
    jood job!

  8. fatalmate12 says:

    lovely house uve got there