Find Out How To Build A Shed Quick And Easy To see how easy and quick it is to build a large outdoor shed (10x12) with the right shed plans and materials. The actual building time is only 33 minutes, done by 2 guys.

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19 Responses to Find Out How To Build A Shed Quick And Easy

  1. MFRoosy16 says:

    ok seriously to build any kind a shed you have to apply for a building permit.. meaning, you might not get it.. town approve it and you just have to go through so MUCH trouble.. just like FORGET IT…..

  2. MFRoosy16 says:

    @KJamesSr i know right. you have to have your shed on stilts and STILL be well treated…

  3. KJamesSr says:

    That would rot out so fucking quick where I live. Good for a climate that gets zero rain/snow I guess.

  4. 97Winger says:

    This is a great idea of posting a vid of how to construct the particular shed of the plans you purchase. A ‘quick and dirty’ of how to do it for us weekend warriors who sit behind a desk. I would do a video of each plan offered.

  5. canamm says:

    Wow, wish I could build one in 10 minutes and 23 seconds!

  6. TheLupenTooth says:

    sweet hell, did he put in enough nails at the start of the video?

  7. SRT8HEMI says:

    @Mermaid4America Thank you for the good laugh…I know exactly what you mean. :)

  8. ppwpsheds says:

    wow quick build only took another 3 or 4 hours for the pre-fab. my company builds totally different than this but I respect the way these guys do it. quantity – quality people want things quick now and do not care about the quality because they are not going to be in the house that long. ppwpsheds

  9. tanawells99 says:

    I thought it was a cool vid.

  10. tshorse says:

    crappy music. these twins guys can put it together fast because they already had it pre fab. Now that’s another story. this would take a guy at least a week to collect material,tools, hauling etc then you have to measure, cut, hammer etc…….not fast and if your putting this kind of wood on the ground you better be using green board on the bottom or you will see it rot.esp if rodent build up dirt under it. llllllllll

  11. sh0ckwave06 says:

    who’s the guy in the red shirt??

  12. Mermaid4America says:

    IT LOOKS LIKE A PIECE OF CAKE. I AM GETTING STARTED ON MINE IN 5 MINUTES AND IT SHOULD BE READY BY SUNSET. Thank you so much for the instructions. I will post picture of mine later.

  13. kidri0t says:

    @passw0rdz there not thick nails more like pins

  14. 375012 says:

    i think i got the quick part but the easy part no so

  15. gfaithw says:

    Okay I am now wore slap out from watching these guys work I don’t think I want to build one now!!!! LOL!

  16. passw0rdz says:

    you most def don’t need as many nails as the guy put in the wood at the beginning that would just destroy the wood

  17. Moe7133 says:

    @pjdaoust It’s a job, i’m sure this is an 8 hour job. Beside, there are other in background building/cutting out other parts for them. They’re probably just the assemblers.

  18. TheYamakasiize says:

    is that a nail gun or a stapler gun ?’

  19. pjdaoust says:

    How many of these per day can 2 guys build? Surely they can’t keep up that pace for 8 hours, can they ? Entertaining, though. PJD