President Obama on the Green Fleet Initiative

The President visits a UPS customer center to speak about public and private Green Fleets as one small piece of his Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future, gas prices, and the latest jobs numbers. April 1, 2011.
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25 Responses to President Obama on the Green Fleet Initiative

  1. onstageagain says:

    Obama’s plan for success in 2012:
    1. Beat up the CBC.
    2. Alienate white independent & Jewish voters who are abandoning him in droves.
    Keep going Barry & we’ll march with u back to Chicago Jan 2013. This man in an enemy of the American people, he is supposed to represent us all not just the brainless saps who voted for him

  2. redviper2GAMER says:

    The cost of living up 3.4% every year. The cost of production/manufacturing up 8.9% the already scorhing high cost of manufacturing. Inflation at a all time high 4.0% since the 1998 at 1.2% 1998. The deficit is at a record-breaking $1.5 trillion. Borrowed Trilions of dollars from Chna. Laughed at like a begar from Spain Do we need to learn our lesson that Obama can’t teach. Politics cost us everything. Who pays them? Not me! Oh yah where is the 4.7 billion from Social Security? China?NO!

  3. dystopian212 says:

    President Obama has a good sense of humor. Like that joke about the package.

  4. smtlive says:

    The solution is here now
    the greenest low cost transportation and power generating system on the planet

  5. memama2 says:

    666ASTANA – the only thing owebummer is con-cerned about? Is his his far left freak show forcing his far left agenda onto our overworked overtaxed backs! And funneling the tax payer & plundered estates he will begin to grab= onto another of his eco-con peeps. It does not matter if food costs suffer from gas/dsl being $10.00 bucks a gallon. HE is the odumbo! The king of mass lies & making-it-all-up! The nation is about to go ~ boink ~ & owebummer is onto another scam-pain of empty promises ….

  6. memama2 says:

    Watch YouTube video: …Crime Inc. Obama, Joel Rogers & Van Jones in Collusion, Knowledge Of The Lie

  7. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 – How did you get here if you are not from evolution? and what is the difference in our look?
    Also,,, are you saying that no matter what I do in life God will see me as an enemy? How can this be true?

  8. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @seeker267 Jinns r devils in your language, a little bit of history.
    You and they evolved from monkies,reptiles, dinosaurers ect,they took human form in egypt then spread from there around the world, there objective was to take over the planet and now this wont happen as God is all powerful.
    You and them think you are human yet know you are evil and i know how you all look, thats how i know who is unhuman.

  9. seeker267 says:

    @666ASTANA – OBABA 2012!!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!! YES WE WILL….YES WE WILL!!!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!

  10. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 – What exactly are “unhumans” in your eyes?

  11. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @seeker267 People? Humans dont fear me nor do i make them afraid, its the unhuman that are fearful.

  12. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 – I am not afraid of anything you say. They’re only letters on a screen that form words. The meaning is all relevant to interpretation. No fear here. If your goal is to pump fear in everyone you need to try again. Tho only people that will listen to you probably also need therapy…

  13. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 – You don’t know your scriptures correctly… In no written religious text does it say that I am not human and you are. Nowhere does it say that others are spawn of Satan while some are human. You need to stop making stuff up and become a solution and not a problem.
    You are condemning your soul by labeling others. Stick with your soul and everything will be fine. God can handle his own dirty work.

  14. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @seeker267 ? Afraid of my comments, oh but i am doing a lot of work.

  15. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    I see you are commenting about yourself

  16. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    Respond to this video…they fear God because they come from satans family, understand now or would you like more of a detailed description. You and your kind are hypocrites and idiots who live fabricated lives in a fabricated world which God will make new and you will return to hell

  17. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @seeker267 People like me do exist, its because i am human and you are not, Gods family never die and he keeps them safe and geuss what? We are still around D;] Gods wrath applys to the unhuman and soon they will know what they really are, its like this for eg, you think you are human but really you evolved from satan and are a jinn,if you and them only knew how you looked, you would frighten yourself. I dont fear God becaause i am human,

  18. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 – If you truly know all then why are you wasting your time in this forum? Fix the world!!! Feed the hungry!!! End the wars!!!! Help the needy!!!
    Don’t just sit there saying you know all and don’t help the planet and people in it. Use your God given gift for what it was intended.
    Or are you really evil and trying to find followers? If you truly knew everything you would be known world wide.
    To know and not help makes you an EVIL SELFISH PERSON!!!

  19. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 -Am I being punked? People like you can’t really exist in this day and age. I thought all of you guys died in the Great Flood….God even say you should fear his wrath, so for you to say there is “no fear” in you is also saying that you don’t fear the very God you are promoting.
    This make you a hypocrite and a idiot. Like I stated days ago. Let’s just agree to disagree and simply move on from this point.
    I wish you a warm and peaceful journey. Live and Let Live…..

  20. juangabrielcruz says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 first i merely thought you were an idiot. your comment proves i was wrong and you are in fact, retarded.

  21. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @seeker267 God is everywhere, its you that have no belongings on this earth. Wars are the making of the unhuman against humanity, and humanity have the right to defend themselves. Religion is used to control, religion is a word created by the unhuman, therefore real humans belive in one god and islam, even some unhuman hide in islam yet God knows his people. Real humanity dont have to make a decsion nor should they fear for God is part of there lives. Who fears God? only the family of satan.

  22. AnnAAngel1564 says:

    @juangabrielcruz Your use of the word idiot tells me you fear me. It also seems you are a lover of money. I think quite clearly in all different situations, its about focus and mind power, fear is for your kind.
    If you pointed a gun at me the bullet would do a reverse turn and go straight through your head, lets say its what you might call super powers. No fear in me D;]

  23. Eyodo says:

    listen all black people no effence barack obama is the first black president u get a black president in like every century vote for him make him a good leader not like john mccains fat ass.

  24. juangabrielcruz says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 hey idiot, if i point a gun at you and tell you to give me your money, are you gonna say no? if so, i’ll shoot you and still get your money. you say fear doesnt affect your decision. so if i come up and ASK you for your money, are you gonna give it to me (the same as when you were afraid)? no. because coercion (fear) does NOT let you think clearly. it keeps you from thinking, and forces you to make a decision against your better judgement.

  25. seeker267 says:

    @AnnAAngel1564 -I never said that God wasn’t in polotics. I said that God doesn’t belong in polotics.If man abided by Gods word there would be no need for polotics. When discussing polotics, God should not enter the equation. This mix has been the cause of several wars. Religion should not be used to control the masses with fear, but unfortunately that is exactly what it’s used for.If one can’t make clear decisions from fear then to fear God is an unclear decision.
    Peaceful Journey to you.