Jay-Z – Jockin Jay-Z Feat. Kanye West – NEW From Blueprint 3

New song from Jay-Z's new album Bluprint 3. Rate/Comment/Subscribe =) I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG, PLEASE DON'T DELETE MY VIDEO.

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13 Responses to Jay-Z – Jockin Jay-Z Feat. Kanye West – NEW From Blueprint 3

  1. nurgefaction says:

    @dannydracko watch?v=HiyHrC2TG7E

  2. nurgefaction says:

    @dannydracko watch?v=HiyHrC2TG7E

  3. dannydracko says:

    where they sample that chorus from?

  4. joshuarobinson25 says:

    Where’s Kanye??

  5. deagla2 says:

    Illuminati=ET kin aka gods, Ea, Sirians, Satan, Pepsi, angels/demons, dragons, hulu, vampires, bluebloods, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc who rule cults like Freemasonry. Their agenda: continually cull/victimize people via vaccines/other toxins, Codex Alimentarius, carbon taxes, internet 2, WW3 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government/religion with us chipped. Support Dr Deagle, Stewart Swerdlow, Oracle Broadcasting, gardeners and free-energy technology!

  6. Masterbruce06 says:

    You ain’t gotta jock Jay-Z, jock fly shit
    You ain’t gotta jock me, homie jock my chick
    Jock her Zanotti’s, she body you wit the fit
    No thats not pilates her, body’s just thick

    LOL Jay-Z is tight

  7. scoobydoosnacks845 says:

    jockin scoobydoosnacks lmao

  8. FlashyThings says:

    crazy ass song !!!…

  9. PorterMagic says:


  10. FlashyThings says:

    this song is fyreeeeeeeee

  11. filliphinoboy says:

    whooss house myyy house :D

  12. Yvette830 says:

    song is crraaaaaaaaaazy!

  13. chase841 says:

    this is the song beats crazy