President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference

The President takes questions from Republican members of the House of Representatives at the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore, MD. January 29, 2010.
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25 Responses to President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference

  1. JCrumzz says:

    Hum…I wonder why he wasn’t invited back?

  2. Blehdoom says:

    sounds like a bunch of lies

  3. dennydorko says:

    Proof Obama doesn’t need a teleprompter.

  4. lcgrz says:

    GOP gets owned!

  5. alexsparquis says:

    “.. why did this come up on my Evanescence search?”
    Because this country is Goooooooooing undeeer.

  6. wmarcus1203 says:

    @mootothehood look up Bisphenol A

  7. mootothehood says:

    @wmarcus1203 No thanks. You’re probably the type who thinks that the gov’t is creating gay people.

  8. rhersh2011 says:

    Filibuster Madison’s Federalist in 2008 there were so many better candidates that should have run

  9. rhersh2011 says:

    What about the tenth amendment and ninth amendment?

  10. YoyoCarlanie says:

    MEMO: Att. Seekers (14-22) + 3 Skips in Food Change (Negras) NYC – 2011 = OO.

  11. wmarcus1203 says:

    All you people are fucking stupid, google the new world order… They are poisoning us, controlling us, dumbing us all down and you live in fantasy land and believe everything these assholes spew to you… WAKE UP

  12. dylantheswimmer22 says:

    @raiden241 you have no clue what you are talking about do you?

  13. dylantheswimmer22 says:

    Kicked their republican asses.

    No teleprompter.

  14. carlakoenig802 says:

    employees needed now — –

  15. ratty88 says:

    @raiden241 POLITIFACT

    learn something bagger.


    you’ll believe whatever lies your moronic media tells you, while licking the bungholes of the rich.

    conservatives = mass stupidity

  16. raiden241 says:

    @ratty88 you are just an ignorant even if you have the facts in front of you’re nose you see what you want to see, he has lied about everything from the wars to signing consigments, the patriot act which he said he woulden’t renew and did to filling the white house with bankers from golman sachs a bunch of bankers. So buz of you ignorant fool!!!!

  17. ratty88 says:

    @raiden241 sweetheart, we’ve never had a president keep so many campaign promises. And yet you conservative losers try to paint him as a liar.

    You’re pathetic.

  18. msisisful says:

    Its as though the Pres needs to explain basic reality concepts to young children! The Republicans fret, strut and posture for their own self aggrandizement and the Pres responds patiently and measuredly.. as a teacher for kindergarten children must! These Republican guys are are on a kindergarten level of reality ..

  19. msisisful says:

    Raiden, learn how to spell.

    TAX the rich.. 1% of the wealth of the USA is owned by the 1%.
    They , and the corporations need to pay their share.SImple.
    End the wars, re-build america.

  20. homer422 says:

    @mariah495 why the hell were you searching for Evanescence in the first place?

  21. raiden241 says:

    Ron Paul for Presidetn 2012 yes we can!!!!!!!!!!!! lets all do what we can to spread the message!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody already know that obama is a lier, he gave more power to the federal reserve cartel, filled the white house with bankers, renewed the patriot act against our civil liberties, started more wars & raised the national dept threw the roof!!!!!!

  22. themorningstar2012 says:

    Please help regulated corporate illegal policymakers

  23. hbcali20 says:

    listen to America, we are suffering. A good example would be my vids of me and what so many others are going thru such as in my vids. Please check out my uploads on my account page such as “America Unemployed” and related video.

  24. breadtree1 says:

    @SalmanBari86 Do you think they should have asked irrelevant questions?

  25. TrollBuster9090 says:

    Best President I’ve seen in my lifetime. And if he’s this good after just 2.5 years, he’s going to be doing an incredible job in his second term.