Custom House Plans – Finding Quality Custom Home Design With Design Alternatives

Custom House Plans - Finding Quality Custom Home Design With Design Alternatives

Article by Bill Browne

Drawing custom house plans is an expansive industry, but finding a quality designer with construction experience can be more difficult. Although many individuals claim to be qualified custom home designers, you can determine these qualifications by examining their finished product and verifying satisfaction with their former clients. Quality designs, highly detailed house plans and customer satisfaction are all attributes of an experienced custom home designer.Integrating many different concepts and functions is necessary to draw a good set of custom house plans. Many designers can come up with interesting ideas, but they are unable to convey these ideas with detailed construction drawings to the home builders. They can draw a nice conceptual picture, but these individuals have little or no construction knowledge to translate these ideas into a detailed set of house plans in which the builder can understand. It is necessary to not only have a keen eye for design, but also a strong understanding of what can be built and how it can be built affordably.Having been in the home design and construction industry for 20 years, Design Alternatives has seen a large number of house plans which appeared complete at first glance. Although further examination sometimes revealed that these so called custom house plans lacked large amounts of pertinent information. If a set of construction drawings is not easy to read or thoroughly detailed, the builder is left to make his own interpretation which inevitably leads to guesswork. This ultimately means increased building costs since he will have to inflate his bid to make sure he covers any unknown construction costs.When evaluating the quality level of house plans, certain items to check are the amount of pertinent dimensions, notes and details. Highly detailed sets of custom house plans will always include the necessary information to build the house in a productive and affordable way. You will find many home plans available today are incomplete while only showing the design concept rather than the detail. Any time your builder is left to guess at how something will be built, it will obviously add cost to your home construction project. Not all designers go the extra mile to create a quality and useful finished set of house plans, so make sure the custom home designer you select has design as well as construction knowledge.

Design Alternatives Custom Home Design takes pride in offering its clients quality custom house plans which comes from the vast experience received during its 20 years in the custom home design and construction industry. This experience along with the long list of satisfied clients has proven to be the driving force of success for Design Alternatives.

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Check out how Design Alternatives Custom Home Design and owner Bill Browne can assist you with your custom home design process, provide a complete set of workable construction drawings and offer project/construction management or consultation services for those individuals that desire some assistance during the building phase.

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