Shipping Container Homes by Container City

A clip from History Channel's "Modern Marvels" about London's Container City - a project which utilises end of life shipping containers into habitable accomodation.
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25 Responses to Shipping Container Homes by Container City

  1. BeRealActReal says:

    I plan to do this in the near future when I buy some land and stack 2 containers on the ground and 1 container on top and I can tell everyone I built my own 1 million dollar house for less than 20 grand.

  2. exacto98 says:

    I’m gonna make my house out of shipping containers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D DDDDDDDD

  3. thicoimbramma says:

    whats name of this documentary ?

  4. HomesWOWrealestate says:

    very urban… haha. Have you tried it has Yahoo Real Estate, zillow, trulia, zip realty and all other main real estate sites on it. I found my realtor through them. Awesome! Completely free for everyone.

  5. 80spopQueen says:

    @armst012 Thats why i don’t live in one ;)

  6. 80spopQueen says:

    @armst012 what comment are you reffering to?

  7. armst012 says:


    I think its called an apartment..

  8. WeaponSamurai says:

    I would climb the FUCK out of that place.

  9. sqgl says:

    @80spopQueen These container units are $100 a month to rent so they must cheaper than an earthship to buy. Of course it is hard to compare because of utilities and aesthetics. Also planning laws are unfortunatey probably easier to workaround with containers than earthships.

  10. sqgl says:

    @80spopQueen Re-using materials is better than recycyling, and reducing is better than re-using. I agree about organic forms being psychologically healthier but it is a matter of tradeoffs. I would rather see many Earthship villages dotted across the countryside than cities especially with communications technology being where it is today. In the meantime this shipping container village is more organic than the one in Amsterdam (see my uploaded videos).

  11. 80spopQueen says:

    @sqgl Also i slightly agree, the material it self (sheets of tin or metal) can be recycled and serve other energy saving purposed, but to live in a box-car is just eh…

  12. 80spopQueen says:

    @sqgl closed corners make your thinking different, it’s been studied. It makes you feel trapped and it’s not good for you mind to process in a small tin box. Stand in a bigger spaced, round corner home who’s edges smooth and walls slightly bend outward, then stand in a house that has rigid ends and corners, small, and walls do not slightly bend outward <~ I’ve been in both and felt the difference. Cities can adopt a new tecnique to save space without living in a small conered tin-can.

  13. sqgl says:

    @80spopQueen I’ve seen Garbage Warrior and would prefer to live in an EarthShip but it is not gonna happen in the city, especially not high-rise, and it wouldn’t be as cheap. For a potential high-rise earthship (learning from termites) google sandkings.

  14. 80spopQueen says:

    @sqgl you can make a Earth-ship pay about 100,000 for the down payment and never have to pay a utility bill, a water bill or a electric bill, a heating/air conditioning bill, ever again, you can make this home as big as you would like and it isn’t a box or a squar it’s round and full of windows.

  15. sqgl says:

    @80spopQueen They said $100/month rent. Imagine how many fewer hours you would need to work to pay the rent? That’s about an hour each week day that you can spend walking around outside.

  16. sqgl says:

    @julianjbae What about if you have a top layer of containers dedicated to insulation?

  17. 1UPwrangler says:

    @julianjbae spraying Ceramic paint in a container home will insulate it very well from becoming an oven. But then I live in the South so I have the a/c on night and day in the summer anyway.

  18. Maandolin says:

    This is amazing. The only thing I would change is the colours. LOL! Not that this is the point of this project. But I think it would look amazing all one colour.

  19. 80spopQueen says:

    why would you want to live in a box? your so closed in…

  20. dinamo4889 says:

    @julianjbae My ac Runs 24/7 anyways and I live in a brick building. A Roof garden growing onions, tomatoes, Cucumbers or some sod could provide some well needed insulation from the heat.

  21. kuko3230 says:

    It really looks cool. I am wondering why those buildings aren’t more common these days. About that theme my friend have written blog post

  22. julianjbae says:

    No offense. But you should know before you live in container house, it’s sweltering hot in summer unless you turn a/c on every moment even while sleeping. I guarantee it’s average 4 to 7 degree celsius higher than outside. There’s reason why people use bricks, trees and steels.

  23. josefopeda says:

    “It goes around the equator twice” is implying how much there is if you stack them side by side.

  24. order9066 says:

    Some dumb ideas need to stay, and die, in England.

  25. Aphex217Twin says:

    wow 80 bucks for rent, now that’s what we need!