How to Build a Million Dollar House Dirt Cheap!

Frank Fekonia built his own three level home with a million dollar view for very little money and a lot of concrete. More info:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to How to Build a Million Dollar House Dirt Cheap!

  1. plalelal says:

    Sorry to hear about Frank I hope his family can enjoy all his work!

  2. rickyready says:

    Rest in peace Frank. Please send me some of your creativity from heaven my way :)

  3. danielames says:

    good man

  4. storsy says:

    he looked happier than a pig in shit.

  5. anewtattoobynancy1 says:

    Ohhhh, God Bless. What a great soul and spirit. Love this video and house!

  6. fullfist says:

    rest in peace

  7. dustybegum says:

    amazing , u r my kind of a guy

  8. MrSockoOck says:

    Genius! RIP Frank!

  9. leah75022 says:

    R.I.P Frank!!

  10. leah75022 says:

    R.I.P Frank!!

  11. 4543563 says:

    Bless him. xXxXx

  12. RetroFishman says:

    God took this man to soon, makes me sorry he wont be around to enjoy his passion. He sure left something nice for his family. Sorta looks like he has a mini volcano as part of the view but looks can be decieving.

  13. flashtoons says:

    Frank Fekonia quietly passed away in Noosa Hospital last
    Sunday evening at 8.30 pm on February the 27th.
    He had been ill for a long time and he is now finally at peace.

  14. trybal007 says:

    @pauluminous That’s the interesting thing, because it’s unlawful for any party to condemn or destroy your own property. Let’s say, i go build a home without a permit and document all of it. Nobody can come along and demand that you tear it down. They can try to put a deed on the property, which that won’t happen.

    Personally, whenever i build, the inspector usually says “you’re over doing it.” Then i say, “i know. I don’t like the building code.” lol

  15. creangga says:

    bravo bravo bravo !!!

  16. stabl1057 says:

    Great video. I ran across a company that is based out of Orlando.I happen to pass by them while they were demoing a house in our neighborhood. So I stopped and talked to the GC for a minute. He said from that demo they recycled more than 70% of it which I was impressed with. I went his website that was on the site and it’s pretty refreshing as well. The companies site is turningleafcoDOTcom if you are interested in checking it out. This isnt an advertisement either. Just thought was interesting

  17. redrooster241 says:

    @pauluminous Oh I get it. Thanks.

  18. low72 says:

    love it! see that’s the problem with todays people, they’re too worried about looking cool, with all the new stuff, with the new fancy house, then they go broke as fuck cus they can’t keep up with the payments, people are more impressed with stuff YOU’VE done on your house then if you were to do the generic hire tradesmen…love this guys house, its a work of arts, bits and pieces from other things come together, and THAT VIEW!!! for $35,000!!!!!!

  19. pauluminous says:

    If I wanna spend MY time and money on MY house that’s gonna fall apart in 10yrs, that’s my problem.
    If you wanna buy a house like that, do your due diligence. Have a structural engineer asses it first, even when it’s build under code! I can buy a piece of land for $10.000 (5acre+), build a house of strawbales and mud and it will last for decades. But no, I have to pay big money for a permit, tradesmen, materials that will outgas toxics in my house ’cause the allmighty code says so?

  20. pauluminous says:

    Those are deeded easements, you don’t need an inspector, just some common sense and read your deed.
    The fact that some people don’t have that common sense, shouldn’t allow for some dick on the 25th floor with a goverment paycheck to make up a 150 page law, that’s not even in English but in Legalese so no1 understands. How about education, punishing the stupid, (you break a power line, you pay, plus all costs indured by people affected).

  21. pauluminous says:

    Unless you can pay $150 an hour each for a team of laywers there’s no way you’ll win a lawsuit. So 99% of the time it’s the guy who can through the most money at a lawsuit who will win, not necesseraly the one who’s in his right.

  22. troybrownrigg says:

    Building inspectors the biggest problem for doing anything in America. The Government doesn’t want anyone doing anything.

  23. sarahwambocheer1112 says:

    Help me build my house

  24. detroitMC313 says:

    Damn,,, Gotta respect that

  25. redrooster241 says:

    @frontview1 What do you mean the rich benefit from the law?