Sims 3 – house design: modern beach house no.1

One of my first attempts in Sims 3. A simple but modern beach house. No custom objects used sooooooo....... it's downloadable :) lot size: 30x30 costs: 138.515 music: ghosts n stuff (sub focus remix) There were many questions so I posted some FAQ on my Channel.If u want to know something else send me Message (but pls read them before u ask^^). Thx for the good ratings and comments :D :D Sorry for bad English. Look on my channel for more.

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25 Responses to Sims 3 – house design: modern beach house no.1

  1. reeceyb1234 says:

    any1 who has ps3 check out my exange psn name reeceyb1234 , i think you will all be suprised

  2. dspeed321zoom says:

    It reminds me of MTV Cribs

  3. bassebalboy says:

    how can you make the ground so that you kan make a perfect house ? sorry for weird question

  4. codzilla01 says:

    grat vid mate

  5. ToxCript says:

    Deadmau5 Ruler (the song that appears in the video)

  6. jtermyna1998 says:

    Where did you get a picture of my house?!

  7. Antphoneigh says:

    okay, i gotta start playing the sims 3 again!

  8. datsmahname says:

    dislike count = p(misclick)

  9. torchwood18x says:

    omg i luv this hus thank u so much 4 making it downloadable

  10. xANTMangelx says:

    did ya build this urself WOW!!! Amazing XD Im getting The Sims 3 for Christmas and I want to make a house like tihs XDDD

  11. milosrodic says:

    @StarInTheHood93 thank you . . . you helped me a lot . . . thank you man . . . :D

  12. StarInTheHood93 says:

    @milosrodic ..I figured out how to do it! you gotta get some stairs.. plonk them on the ground, then on the square you just made a bit lower plonk more stairs on there, do this so that you’ve done 3 stairs so you go down 3 levels, you can then delete the stairs there not needed, then your lowest bit of ground.. thats the bit you need, so make your ground level that one, make it bigger, expand it out to the size you want.. :) if you still cant do it, contact me and i’ll try explaining again =]

  13. milosrodic says:

    house is really good, but video is too fast . . 

  14. milosrodic says:

    @StarInTheHood93 I have that problem too . . .

  15. ystoh133 says:

    i don’t really like playing sims, i only built houses, and tend to create new game every day.

  16. IvySweetVenom says:

    I am downloading!

  17. Gothgrl102 says:


  18. exiamcland189 says:

    that’s it it quit sims.

  19. momotaruu123 says:

    looks quite easy but when i start trying to do it.. fudge mann it’s hard!

  20. Masia914 says:

    Fajnie! Też uwielbiam projektować domy w the sims 3 i nawet mi to wychodzi, ale nie potrafię zrobić miłego ogrodu, przez co okolica domu wygląda… Smutno… Ale masz talent!

  21. Memeprincess2000 says:

    no bathroom i love it but no bathroom

  22. DrCypruss says:

    You have MAD camera skills, better than mine. The camera skills plus the epic music, you make it all look dramatic, like as though the house is a goal for everyone to try to get to, like out of a movie. Your skills have just made it below the skills of Curtis Paradis, I shall download this house and keep it on my lot for my citizens to admire the skills of such a Simmer. Good job, and hopefully you will make more houses as awesome as this one in the future. :D

  23. Jasonbean5 says:

    @lllstupidmovieslll ….alot of people only play sims because they want to create sims,or build awesome houses like you, or just ahve fun with theyre sims but i like doing it all :D

  24. IllSaft says:

    from shit to HOLY SHIT!!?!?!?!??

  25. MelanieCFan88 says:

    @lllstupidmovieslll Lol at first i bought it to play but then i found it more fun to just create houses – also cause it takes ages to build one lol