Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Jan Van De Roy Electro House Remix)

Here is my Electro House Remix of Lady Gaga´s Just Dance..! Hope u enjoy it..! Leave me a comment and rate thins song.. if u like my stuff plz subscribe my channel..! Download the full song:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Lady Gaga – Just Dance (Jan Van De Roy Electro House Remix)

  1. vaggos5 says:




    From Greece

    P.S:This one is a lot better than the original…and perfect for a party ;)

  2. JPSANTA007 says:



    From Colombia ;)

  3. ZeDfriT says:





  4. hackertoxic says:



    Fron Brazil

  5. giovan90210 says:

    this is amazing!!! thanks from colombia!!!

  6. chiyokochin says:


  7. djdanyantjcancun says:

    good job bro :)

  8. nanerpusss says:

    Hey Guys!
    Me and my friend are just starting to produce some Hard electro house music, we just produced our new song and are getting great reviews, if you all could check it out and rate/comment the song on our profile and subscribe if you like it, it would be much appreciated!
    Thanks guys <3

  9. warrokero7 says:

    Hey Great Music!!! =D , with program you do this music??

    Look mi music if you want …./warrokero7

    i need help to create my music I hope your answer :)

  10. 1974darkmind says:

    nice one bro…………….

  11. PullTheHammer says:

    from germany

  12. MrBiohazard91 says:

    Very nice remix <3

  13. motodipendente91 says:

    i like it :)

  14. WARPSAW2 says:

    from mexico¡¡¡¡¡

  15. xXDjDeividXx says:


  16. sh17ubhhsvbd says:


  17. klosovic says:

    kannst mir deine michael jackson remixes schicken pls`?

  18. nokie68 says:

    from germany

  19. kanakinficker says:

    gut weiter sooo :)

  20. diewahrenhelden says:

    Bisschen schneller wär echt besser, glaub ich, is aber nicht übel. :)

  21. MexicanBearFighter says:

    haha, verry good! 5 stars

  22. MrPupil1337 says:

    littlebit too slow but nice1!

  23. dj2dude says:

    awsome wikid

  24. kidbull says:

    it has too much of the vocals
    but nice beat

  25. kingd00mKha0z says:

    totally agree ^^ well i actually like every remix but w/e hehe