Jay-Z – Girls, Girls, Girls

www.darmowykapital.pl "Girls, Girls, Girls" is the second single from rapper Jay-Z's album The Blueprint. It is a playful description of the artist's promiscuous lifestyle. The song contains a sample of "There's Nothing In This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You" by Tom Brock. The chorus features a lyrical interpolation of "High Power Rap" by Crash Crew. The song has additional vocals sung by Q-Tip, Slick Rick and Biz Markie, but are not credited as featured guests on the back artwork, they are however credited in the album's liner notes. Actresses Carmen Electra, Paula Jai Parker, Taraji P. Henson, and Tamala Jones all make cameo appearances in the song's music video. A remix to the song produced by Kanye West can be found as a hidden track on The Blueprint album after the songs "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)" and the other hidden song "Lyrical Exercise". The remix is composed of new verses by Jay-Z, a new instrumental sampling "Trying Girls Out" by The Persuaders and uncredited vocals from Michael Jackson.

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25 Responses to Jay-Z – Girls, Girls, Girls

  1. pimphstrong1 says:

    i love this song i dont care how old it is

  2. fjdksla243 says:

    @seto8384 I have?

  3. retroxkid89 says:

    “all you need to knoe is i’m not a hoe. & to get with me you betta be Chief Lots-A-Dough” LMAO. :)

  4. troz285 says:

    dangggggg these womennnn r tooo fineee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. seto8384 says:

    @fjdksla243 I got only one answer to that………………Go watch The Boondocks.

  6. GavinL1234 says:

    @fjdksla243 hey i cant thumbs this up enough whats wrong? ha

  7. Jigga104 says:

    awesome story line lol

  8. fjdksla243 says:

    @JayRamaTeamStreet let me tell you a quote a very racist person said about jay-z and using the n-word. “I love when he uses it, all rappers really, finally, they realize what they are” and it’s sad that that is how it’s viewed, but people like jay-z fucked it up, whether you want to believe it or not. He’s not a pioneer for blacks, he’s separating the differences between white and black more. Would any rap get produced if a rapper said ‘cracker?’ Wouldn’t ever make it on the radio.

  9. fjdksla243 says:

    @zrayblackstripes atmosphere, brother ali, jurassic 5, blue scholars, wu-tang clan, the roots, mos def, etc. etc. FUCK LIL WAYNE. who the hell do you think I am?

  10. makerKID5 says:

    @rafdiggaz thats Q-tip

  11. DonRMB says:

    @SnakeNaRainOGz AAHH YES HE WAS! He produced most of this album! : /

  12. OneDropBeats says:

    Hi everyone, I’m a producer, just tryin to spread out the word about my beats, not tryin to spam!
    I remixed Jay-Z – Takeover, check it out if you have a minute!


  13. 1KidGlory says:

    Not gonna hit u up with a paragraph about my dreams and shit cause the fact is most mofo s dont give a fuck which is fair enough cause i dont care much about other peoplz dreams either, just check out my shit if ur looking for something new and unique , rapper born in australia raised in cali , spitting 90′s fire peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. SnakeNaRainOGz says:

    @lexyota Kanye wasnt around when this was made


    350 doesnt like girls

  16. srmpro says:

    Quick! Who’s singing the chorus “girls, girls, girls”?

  17. rafdiggaz says:


  18. rafdiggaz says:

    iz dat slick rick singin chorus?

  19. lexyota says:

    @ 4:45 Kanye gets denied.

  20. simplybr says:

    “jigga man, why u treat me like animal”

  21. zrayblackstripes says:

    @fjdksla243 i don’t know which planet ur from but if jay-z is a sell out, then who isn’t…? (plz don’t tell me lil wayne)

  22. roxyandluke says:

    @muslimgirl841 no you are now stop trolling on rappers already

  23. LoveHata says:

    @muslimgirl841 hahahahh

  24. muslimgirl841 says:

    jay-z is a fucking nigger

  25. JayRamaTeamStreet says:

    @fjdksla243 “which is why he’s a sellout” what are u talkin about? because he’s smart and thinks about what he does and is the most sucessful name in hip hop, he’s a sellout? he aint no sell out, jay-z been spittin, and they love when he says nigga? NO! its the opposite, and Jay-Z owns all his own shit and does whatever he wants anyways,
    “i did 5 mill, i aint been rhymin like common sense” you call it bein a sellout, people who are sucessful call it not bein a dumbass