Tutorial: Pistons and Self Repairing / Building Houses HD

Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe :D Works perfectly with 1.7 pistons :) (1.7 pistons only push 12 blocks, and the mod pushes 16 blocks, that's the only difference) This is a tutorial on the piston mod and how to use it in conjunction with an infinite cobblestone machine to build walls and houses. To make a bridge just put the piston that pushes up on the wall push across instead, if you put it facing down the machine will build a portcullis :D It uses my compact design for the infinite cobblestone machine. Thanks for watching :D 1.7: the 1.7 pistons can only push 12 blocks, unlike the 16 on the mod, so all my stuff will need a redesign, I'll have a go and upload a new vid when I'm done. The inventory hack is called TooManyItems: bit.ly The blue fist thing I am using to break blocks is the Ultimate Fist mod: bit.ly The video properly demonstrating my fortress is here: bit.ly The world I used can be found here: bit.ly The schematic for the self building fortress is here: bit.ly

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25 Responses to Tutorial: Pistons and Self Repairing / Building Houses HD

  1. Saus137 says:

    thats brilliant but its complicated and id find it easier to just well build it ( depends how big it is)

  2. GliCHEzzzzzzzz says:

    whats the texture pack?

  3. Slayor11 says:

    Thank you, all i needed was your awesome clock, but still, thank you :D

  4. ScopzLiFe says:

    IM DONE FUCKING DONE! lol background noises :D

  5. MrTripleCC says:

    i made a video about bridges… check it out

  6. LachlanN50 says:

    Mine won’t keep going along oce the first one reaches the top =/

  7. CoNNoRxACR says:

    creepers fear me!

  8. minecraftluva21 says:

    lol in the backgrond FUCK YOU,NO FUCK YOU,IM DEAD!!!!

  9. kevin69google says:

    Nice vid

  10. Christian9484 says:

    at 1:00 is there a guy rapeing a women

  11. signaturehelper says:

    filming at night on a tutorial video while you have mods :(

  12. hyper080 says:

    @TehAnonymousShow only if the water falls on top of the source lava block (the main solid block)

  13. TheAusieBloke says:

    @McDonaldzBoy724 ahhahaah RAPE

  14. Allenmarxchannel says:

    @gamingfreak442 This is the piston mod, This video was taken in beta 1.4, Pistons were added to the game by notch about 3 – 4 weeks ago. :)

  15. gamingfreak442 says:

    why are your pistons white? my pistons are wood and when i put a redstone torch or smething there it puls and dond go back sorry for my englisch

  16. TehAnonymousShow says:

    Won’t this form obsidian?

  17. SuperGloogle says:

    @TheHammerQ gerodoku

  18. giannistek1 says:

    @SpreadTheLemons it works!

  19. theowneratcod says:


  20. Rifter09 says:

    I like how I’m learning from Harry potter

  21. TeamGarryProductions says:

    Wtf is that screaming rape noise D:

  22. TheSyquio says:

    u suck but i like the post!…. XD

  23. TheHammerQ says:

    what texture pack is that?

  24. MrJolle94 says:

    @TridentGuild he’s using the mod, now u got pistons from the 1.7 update and i don’t really think that they work in the same way

  25. seascope3031 says:

    its an erection