Jamaican Luxury Houses

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20 Responses to Jamaican Luxury Houses

  1. sexyslimazz says:

    These pictures look like some of the house on the West Coast ( driving from Savannalar – Mandeville). Always enjoy looking at the house.

  2. Bunfire123 says:

    @LawayneSandhurst  Exactly!

  3. LawayneSandhurst says:

    @LawayneSandhurst There are run down area that still it doesn’t look anything like I see in Africa, I’ve friends who are from Nigeria and Ghana and they visit and now ask what I am doing here in UK. They were amazed and now have a different perception of the island.

  4. LawayneSandhurst says:

    Before jumping to conclusion take a holiday. It’s not just like Africa, don’t just go to the north coast, visit St Andrew and it shopping centres in New Kingston, Liguanea indoor shopping centre as in London. It may not be a big but it’s beautiful, nearby is Lane Plaza and Hilo Plaza in Halfway Tree visit Kings Plaza etc. Have a wonderful trip.

  5. Bunfire123 says:

    @Charliesonbaahsonsky wake up bro…here in the UK we have gave millions to countries in africa through comic relief funds(20 years) as well as government aid for why is there a lack of improvement? Its due to the distribution of wealth in Africa – the privileged help them selves and establish themselves while the majority suffer, yes many Africans have business but a lot of gaining wealth by other means. Why do you think real charities prefer to volunteer than to donate to their governments?

  6. Charliesonbaahsonsky says:

    @Bunfire123 We never use foreign aids to build private houses in Africa. There is no such thing as foreign aids for individuals in Africa. People in Africa are business oriented; They dont get any governmental support for building their own private houses. In conclusion we are all one. One nation, one people, one God and same soil.

  7. EvilFred3 says:

    BREJRINES! dis is a video bout houses and architecture there are plenty of other videos out deh weh wi can argue ova who’s poorer and who go weh. ‘Johnyboy’ have a point. J’can people fraid of change wen it comes to modern design, architecture and land development wat are some of di ways that we can open up ppl mind to beautifying our country while still remaining distinctively J’can. Matter of fact, as it pertains to design what does it mean to be distinctively Jamaican? Any thoughts?

  8. Charliesonbaahsonsky says:

    Ghettos are everywhere.

  9. Charliesonbaahsonsky says:

    @Bunfire123 The same applies to Africa. You obviously dont travel to Africa. When Jay Z and others went to Africa they were shocked. The reason why people are starving in Africa is because of bad leadership. Starvation in Africa is only in war zones. Starvation is everywhere; even here in the States. Sometimes White people and even my own black people beg from me. The starvation in the state is underground by courtesy of the mainstream media. I dont blame you i blame the mainstream media.

  10. Charliesonbaahsonsky says:

    wrong statement!!! You obviously dont travel. Just visit Lagos Nigeria or Ghana. Lagos Nigeria alone is a wrap. Let me ask you a question how many countries do you know in Africa? In case you dont know Africa is a big continent with many countries and territories. The country Nigeria alone is bigger than most Caribbean countries grouped together if am not mistaken. The places they show in Africa are war zones. Whenever there is a war it brings about chaos. Just visit Ghana or Nigeria.

  11. Bunfire123 says:

    @Charliesonbaahsonsky The houses which you must be referring to are the houses of African arabs, and mostly parts in sub Saharan or the houses which are built with the donations of foreign countries and aid while their people are suffering so seriously don’t even try and exaggerate. In Jamaica people may be struggling but people are not living in mud huts like our brothers and sisters in africa.

  12. Bunfire123 says:

    @Charliesonbaahsonsky No your wrong, Jamaica is not like africa at all, infact jamaica shouldnt even experience famine due to the blessed land, people are only starving due the corrupt politicians and private land owners. Jamaica, may not have material possession like most of the west, but in no way they are poorer than africa. Jamaica has 2 sides to it the resorts and the beautiful house of the rich and of jamaicans who have returned home..and then there are the ghettos i.e. in Kingston.

  13. Charliesonbaahsonsky says:

    @EvilFred3 The only thing that covers Jamaica is entertainment talent. Even Beenie man, Rita Marley and others testify how beautiful Africa is. As am talking to you right now Rita Marley mostly resides in a country call Ghana. Honestly Jamaica is just like Africa or even poorer based on my experience. The only thing that boost the confidence of most Jamaicans is their beaches and music talents. If you like youtube houses in Africa, Durban South African and top ten cities of Africa and compare?

  14. Charliesonbaahsonsky says:

    @TheJohnnyboy2060 houses in Africa are even nicer than houses in Jamaica.

  15. TheJohnnyboy2060 says:

    @EvilFred3 See what you saying still…but I have been out there, sometimes its not necessarily the architect’s the problem, its not they dont want to create something different and out of the box, cause indeed we are designers, but the clients have the final say bredren, u have to remember that, is what them want we give, and even if we try to do something different they are stuck with the whole traditional look..and what they use to, so more time it difficult.

  16. EvilFred3 says:

    @karincargill I know they’re just drawings. I was just saying that these drawing, even though dem nice, dem not different from what we see all di time. I think modern day designers should push the envelope and give people some new things to think about instead of the same old tyaad look yu si as yuh drive round jamaica. Architects should do more than just recreate. Dem fi be Artists and inspire us fi build di future.

  17. Jackruby22 says:

    @EvilFred3 Exactly, Jamaican architects need to take a look at houses built in Europe, Greece, Spain etc

    Houses in JA are still the same old tired looking designs…. and not forgetting the chintz furnishings!

  18. karincargill says:

    these are not real houses but drawings !

  19. EvilFred3 says:

    In this day and age We need to strive for better, to leave our mark and set more than trends. We should be using innovative designs that can be low cost, practical, revolutionary, energy efficient, and even strikingly beautiful.

    Jamaica is full of talent but we too afraid fi bruk out when it come to architecture. Dem houses here nuh bad but dem boring. A time fi wi move forward into a new era of building design, and lef di ole styling to di old people.

  20. rajucivil1980 says:

    super building very excelent