The Sims 3 – Building a House 9 – Life’s A Beach House – Part 1 – Architecture

YAY!!!! MY 100th VIDEO UPLOAD!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR WATCHING MY VIDS!!!! The link to download this house is over here: As a few people guessed correctly, I was to build a beach house. And build a beach house I did! However, it was supposed to be an actually fully fledged house but based on the complexities and lot size restricitions, I downgraded to a holiday house. :D I also decided on "experimenting" with colour with each section of the house a different one, I personally like the Blue the most. I forgot to allow sound to be recorded so I had to use music from previous sims, brings back lovely memories! As I said in previous videos I'm getting repetitive with furniture sets and styles, particularly the wood thing. Get used to it until the next pack comes out, and I refuse to spend copious amounts of money in the store (although the Ultra Lounge set is verrrrrry tempting) I tried to make a lowered living room but there wasn't enough space to fit it all in so I'll do it next hosue The house took 2 hours and 3 minutes to build and furnish. It costs 000 furnished and 000 unfurnished. Enjoy!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Sims 3 – Building a House 9 – Life’s A Beach House – Part 1 – Architecture

  1. men3121 says:

    is this for the computer?

  2. freakthesims3 says:

    @rubberdukiey lol me too, but i can’t cuz i lost the second cd of the 2-set of the deluxe version D’:

  3. rubberdukiey says:

    this music makes me want to go play Sims 1

  4. MrMojaveRunner says:

    @LuigiRules get it, life’s a BEACH house.

  5. LegendTupacRiP says:

    @LuigiRules how did you get to build on the beach? Is this PC only? You get like 3 different houses on xbox to choose from, gets so lame and boring after like 1-2weeks in the same house seeing the same shit. Only 1 town too, or is there some way to excess more areas?

  6. trinsualt says:

    dude this house is epic

  7. lucydrox says:

    ah, the memories will always remain (sims 1 music) :)

  8. jemma021272 says:

    Nice house so far, 5/5

  9. sissystatic says:

    I love this song.(Its from the SIMS isnt it?) I could listen to this song forever and prolly not get bored with it haha!! Jk i would after a while!! Nice house by the way, Your quite good at making these! (=

  10. nagariboshiwolf says:

    nice house! but i forgot, how is it that you make the windows the same shade of brown as the door? or with any other objects….:/

  11. lolzindeed says:

    sweet! can u make a science lab?

  12. trex51015 says:

    i cant seem to get that spot why cant i

  13. lionandlambkl says:

    when you customise the patterns of your objects does it tend to take whil to load? becuas emine takes ages :(

  14. GermsieGal says:

    I love big houses, but small ones are way better! There more cozy. Big ones just get too…well big! And also the bill goes wayy down!

  15. JDSureshot9292 says:

    omg the music from the sims 1 :) 10 years old and stil awesome

  16. glytch123456789 says:

    Where do you find the music from the first sims game??? I’ve been wanting to find those piano songs cuz I found those to be Rlly good, plus it gives me some Rlly good memories :’)

  17. glytch123456789 says:

    Where do you find the music from the first si

  18. EnvieJ says:

    I wanna cry when I hear this song.. i want to go back :(

  19. PivotPwner99 says:

    First house i made glitched.. So when the sims go to the basement they somehow get stuck down there… One sim pissed

  20. zapthehunter says:

    What Lot did you use in sunset valley??

  21. codelyokohayden says:

    hay can you build elivaters in the sims 3? if you can can you build a houes with one in it. it can be anything but has to have an elivater in it. (sorry for bad speeling)

  22. Kulopto says:

    you always make nice houses but terrible living space (not very much room) lol

    i probably couln’t do better though so very nice job =D

  23. willempiee7 says:

    sims 1 song :D
    This makes me think about when i was 9
    good good memories xD
    I still know the song by heart!

  24. joshthekopsucks says:

    isnt this house quite ssmall?

  25. themikester57 says:

    did i ever tell you how AWESOME YOU ARE